10 countries with most Pakistani student

Pakistani students are moving abroad in droves due to the country’s deteriorating economic situation. Pakistani students abroad make up a huge proportion of international students. Which country is the best for Pakistanis?

It isn’t that easy. There is no single country which can be called the best. You go to study for numerous reasons, some for the academic experience, some for the quality of life and others for the career opportunities. 

Which country is best for Pakistanis? Below are some of the top destinations for Pakistani students who plan to study abroad.

Postgraduate degrees from Germany

Apparently, Pakistanis have a long history of migrating to Germany and currently, many students and adults study and work in Germany. Pakistani students prefer German universities, particularly if they are interested in science and technology fields. German universities are known for offering the best possible environments for research and also professional developments particularly in the fields of engineering and technology. 

Top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Germany


Public universities in Germany offer free tuition. THis makes education in Germany a highly affordable adventure. Universities only request a semester administration fee that is around 100 – 200 EUR. Although some universities may have tuition fees for certain study programmes, these are far lower compared to those charged by universities from western countries or even Nordic European countries.

High Number of Pakistani Students

Most universities in Germany have a lot of Pakistani students enrolled in them. This makes it easier to adjust yourself and find your way through the difficulties of settling down abroad. Many universities have Pakistani societies and clubs where students can organise themselves and experience their culture abroad. 

Since the official and educational language of Pakistan is English, and German is also the main foreign language taught in school, naturally, students from Pakistan have wide study options in Germany. Based on their preferences or availability within universities, they can choose either English or German-taught degrees.

Postgraduate degrees from Canada

Canada has become an extremely hot destination for Pakistani students. This is largely due to the countries relaxed and easy to understand immigraiton policies for graduates of their local universities. Individuals who have enrolled a masters degree in a Canadian university can expect to attain a working rights visa later on. What are the other advantages of studying in Canada?

Access to numerous scholarships

The Canadian government offers a wide range of funding and financial aid opportunities for international students, while several Canadian universities also offer scholarships. To find out more about the various scholarships and your chances you can book an appointment with us.

English is the official language

English is one of the official languages of Canada and it is also the medium of instruction in most Canadian universities. Because Pakistani students are English literate (as many have received their education in English), they can find their desired study degree taught in English. The language aspect should not be taken lightly. This makes it extremely easy for graduates to land high paying jobs later on and also makes it easier for students to get part time jobs which help them pay for their tuition and living expenses.

Canadian universities are known worldwide for their quality education and a degree completed in Canada brings numerous benefits for your career. A degree or certificate from a university in Canada is recognized and often considered equally valuable as one obtained from a university in the U.S. or Commonwealth countries.

Postgraduate degrees from Australia

Australia is another favourite destination for Pakistani students wanting to study abroad. Australia hosts some of the best universities in the world and is home to some of the world’s most livable cities. The country has a high minimum wage rate compared to other countries making it one of the best locations for students who want to work part time to cover their educational and living expenses. Several Australian universities compete with some of the leading and top-ranked institutions in the U.S., and the UK. At least one Australian university is rated among the best ones in fields like natural sciences and mathematics, medicine, pharmacy, physics and more.

Australia has a large cosmopolitan environment and you will always be surrounded by many diverse people, within your university, as well as on the streets of any Australian city. You’ll get to meet people coming from the UK, Ireland, China, Sweden, etc. The culture of Australia will also allow you to assimilate with their society due to the English language and an open culture. 

Which country is cheapest for Pakistani students to study? There are plenty of destinations which are the cheapest options available.

China: It is no surprise China is an affordable option. Annual cost of living is estimated to be around 6 to 7 thousand USD. This depends on which part of China you opt for. Tuition fees are usually between the 3 to 5 thousand USD mark. Engineering and medical programs tend to be a bit more expensive. Advantage of studying abroad in China is that it is cheaper, the universities are climbing the QS rankings day by day and the technological advances being made are immense.

It should be noted that there are plenty of affordable places to study abroad, places like Argentina and Mexico can also be on the list. However, we are trying to look at places where Pakistani students can afford to study and find prospects easily.

Germany: The annual cost of living here is around the 10,000 USD mark, A lot of the public universities offer free tuition and the ones that charge money are relatively affordable. A major advantage of studying abroad in Germany is that it is home to one of the healthiest economies in the world, this provides a strong base for future careers.

Malaysia: One of the best destinations for Pakistani students in Asia. Malaysia is affordable with annual living expenses hovering around the 11,000 USD mark. Tuition fees revolve around the 4000 USD per year mark

Other destinations are most European countries like France, Sweden and Norway which offer tuition-free universities, and the students must bear the brunt of living expenses which revolve around the 10 to 15 thousand USD mark. If you compare these costs to countries like the USA and Canada, then the cost of higher education in these countries is affordable. These countries not only offer affordable options but also have healthy industries which later provide employment opportunities to the graduates.

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