15 Short Term Study Abroad Programs for Your Busy Schedule

Have you ever thought of travelling the world while accumulating work experience and academic knowledge? Well in that case you can opt for short term study abroad programs. These programs will allow you to attain an extremely valuable experience in a short period of time. This is the reason why a lot of students are actually looking for short term study abroad options. Short term study abroad programs are an excellent way to gain that college credit in a short, but sweet amount of time. 

Study abroad short term, even during as little as 2 weeks study abroad programs, presents amazing alternatives to their semester or year-long degree qualifications in counterpart facilities. If you’re not willing or able to give up a semester of your studies to engage elsewhere on the globe, these condensed programs are right for your study abroad ambitions. Whatever your schedule can accommodate, there are numerous exceptional short term study abroad programs to choose from. One-week, two-week, three-week, or more!

Why short term study abroad programs?

Short term study abroad programs are a viable option because they’re cheaper, quicker, and engaging. In other words you get all the benefits of studying abroad with a fraction of the cost and time. Yes, these sorts of programs do not carry the same sort of prestige as the long run university programs. But they do add a lot of exposure and knowledge in the students’ purview. This can be leveraged in future jobs and even entrepreneurial ventures.  One to four-week study abroad programs offer that cultural  inclusion that you certainly need without the commitment of months or a year away from your home country. 

Types of short term study abroad programs

Four weeks / one month study abroad programs

Short term summer study abroad programs are usually the most popular time for student travel—and a number of programs tend to last around four weeks. This can be a way of making summer vacation plans with added value of a certification or added qualification. It can be a way to add another qualification during your other degree as well. If you have a time off from the uni you can definatelyFill that awkward gap between winter semester finals, or jumpstart your summer with a maymester. Embark on a month long language immersion program or special-topic courses. Check out these wholesome four-week segways into your summer. 

1. American Institute For Foreign Study

This one month study abroad program starts at around 6,000 USD. Meals are included, along with accommodation, and students can partake in exciting tours and excursions offered by the program. The AIFS in Cannes, France allows students to earn up to 13 credits in French and culture from AIFS’s international campus along the Mediterranean. This program is welcome to all university students (Freshmen through Seniors) and it only consists of a simple application.

  1. The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting

Located in the heart of London, students undergo an intense yet rewarding program with Giles Foreman and other industry experts. One month. Over 100 hours of study. This month-long program is for those with experience in acting. And a handsome amount of subjects to choose from.

  1. Equine Summer Study in Scotland – Adelante Abroad

Giddyup!. Finally! Something for all of us that wanted a pony but never got it. Located in the Scottish countryside outside of Edinburgh, this study abroad short term program is geared towards students interested in animal science and pre-veterinary studies. Courses offered include equine anatomy and physiology along with equine fitness.

  1. University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes

Students have the opportunity to stay in traditional accommodations with a vibrant choice of social activities and weekend getaways. The University of Cambridge offers a wide range of programs to spice up your summer plans. All of their courses are taught at the undergraduate level to a dynamic group of international students.

3 week study abroad programs

A lot can be accomplished in 3 week study abroad programs (including those three weekends)!

Spend three weeks studying abroad with one of the programs highlighted below. In the world of study abroad, three is a figure appealing to the mind. In fashion and design odd numbers are appealing to the eye.

5. African Impact

Check out their site to see where in Africa you can go!

With an excellent overall rating, this program is sure to exceed your expectations of a summer abroad. Some of their most popular destinations include South Africa and Zimbabwe. African impact curates a unique combination of service learning opportunities in cahoots with academic courses.

  1. Meiji Academy

This is a stellar option for winter, summer, or spring break alike!

Join a host of other worldwide participants while studying Japanese in Fukuoka, Japan for 3 week study abroad programs. The program offers not only language, but also culture and business courses in intimate classes with no more than six students.

  1. Spanish Institute for Global Education
  2. Center For Study Abroad (CSA)

2 week study abroad programs

9. Pave Internships

Intern with a fashion brand based out of the U.S. and Kolkata! Wait, I thought these short term programs where to go abroad? Is New York really abroad? No, silly, unless you’re not American. This internship is based in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) which is found on the eastern edge of the subcontinent. Interns will work closely with the brand directors as this eco-friendly company expands its market worldwide. Intens will have the opportunity to study and develop skills related to advertising, communication, and culture.

  1. GVI

Study the complexity of social issues like Inequality, Education, and Gender in Cape Town, South Africa during 2 week study abroad programs with Global Visions International (GVI). Students will have the opportunity to analyze the social ramifications related to the cycle of intergenerational poverty. This internship displays an excellent example of when theory meets practice. Earn three credits in only two weeks!

  1. Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology

Study, research, and intern in Psychology! Continue your psychology studies at the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology (CIRP) in Sri Lanka’s tropical capital. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students alike. Some of the research topics are related to post trauma due to war, terrorism, prejudice, and mindfulness with an emphasis on eastern or oriental psychology. Students have the opportunity to volunteer in the context of mental health too.

  1. El Nomad

Short term sustainable rural development projects in Ecuador give students the opportunity to experience a biodynamic, grassroots farm in a rural South American setting during 2 week study abroad programs. This program delivers 90 hours of instruction from sustainable development experts and professors. Topics covered include permaculture, biodiversity, and conservation with an emphasis on zero-waste construction.

1 week study abroad programs

  1. Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) with GoAbroad China
  2. Earth University
  3. Nosara Spanish Institute

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