The Advantages and Challenges of Studying Abroad for Pakistani Students

People now frequently relocate abroad for higher education, as has been the norm in our day and age. The pupils in Pakistan are not uncommon in this regard; this trend is pervasive around the world. Every student in Pakistan aspires to attend a university that is among the best in the world for higher education. Actually, studying abroad is a fantastic concept because it provides access to the best learning opportunities and high-quality education. For a student living or studying abroad, there are many new things to learn. Studying abroad offers several advantages to students. However, it is also true that going overseas for school presents one of life’s greatest challenges, if not the greatest. Based on our strong and lengthy experience in the study abroad industry, we at FES have compiled a list of the major advantages and challenges that a Pakistani student encounters while studying overseas.

Benefits of Study Abroad

Undoubtedly, going overseas to study has many advantages for students. From among these numerous advantages, the following are the greatest and most widespread:

1. Personal Growth

In actuality, being with strangers in an unfamiliar setting where you must overcome new obstacles constantly makes you stronger and better than others. This is why studying abroad helps you grow personally.

2. High Quality Education

We are aware that education in Pakistan is of lower quality than in other developed or international nations. Another challenge is the fact that Pakistan has fewer educational institutions than other countries. As a result, a student who lives in these conditions is prevented from obtaining a high-quality higher education. Studying abroad gives you access to a high-quality education because the opportunities are considerably better in established other nations.

3. Communication Development

The best approach to improve your language abilities is to study abroad. You interact with people who speak different languages when studying abroad. This makes it easier for you to communicate and overcome the language barrier.

4. Better Career Opportunities

Without a doubt, studying abroad will improve your resume. Compared to a local degree, a foreign degree offers far superior professional opportunities.

5. World Tour

The fact that you are taking a journey to see distant locations and different worlds is a beautiful and amazing thing that you come to see when studying abroad. Most individuals like to travel, therefore studying abroad gives you the opportunity to do so.

6. New Culture Familiarity

Studying abroad entails residing in a location you were previously unfamiliar with. There are new meals, traditions, activities, and laws to observe. A person is able to learn about many cultures in this way.

7.Skills/Experience Enhancement

Studying overseas helped one gain more self-assurance, tolerance, flexibility, communication, management, and self-sufficiency while also preparing them for life’s new obstacles. All of these things undoubtedly improve one’s knowledge and expertise.

8. Enjoy and Fun in Life

You do, after all, reside overseas. You can have an adventurous time by meeting new people, trying delicious dishes you’ve never tried before, and participating in cultural and other seasonal events. Therefore, students enjoy their lives and have a lot of fun while studying abroad. 

9. Diverse Range of Friends

As a student studying abroad, you interact with individuals from many cultures and nations. This enables globalisation, which strengthens your bond on a global scale.

10. Attitude Exposure

Learning about other cultures and countries will expand your perspective and improve your attitude. Therefore, studying abroad gives you a flexible perspective.

Challenges of Study Abroad

1. Stress

Even if you try to hide it, you will miss your family and friends while studying abroad. A sorrow over your loved ones that you will never, ever overcome.

2. Accommodation Problem

One of the major issues you’ll encounter while living abroad is housing. It is a fundamental need shared by all people. In foreign cities, apartments are expensive to rent. The biggest preparation problem before studying abroad is thus this.

3. Financial Problem

You must be employed where you are studying if you do so. While studying abroad, students occasionally struggle to find employment or work opportunities. Their financial situation is therefore their major challenge.

4. Time Zone Difference

You see a time gap between your current location and your hometown. This seriously disrupts your schedule.

5. Away from Supporting Network

However, only when you are living comfortably is living abroad fantastic. Life is a series of unforeseen events, and if you find yourself in a situation where you need help but are too far away to receive it from your network of people, that’s the toughest obstacle of all.

6. An Independent Lifestyle

It’s fantastic to hear that you’re living independently while overseas. However, when faced with the difficulties of living alone, such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, shopping, and other associated tasks, it starts to sound absolutely ludicrous.

7. You’re an Outsider

An outrageous feeling always serves as a reminder that you are not a citizen of this nation. You are surrounded by a large number of people, but your lifestyle is distinct from theirs. You feel really unhappy and depressed as a result of this. 

8. Language Barrier

Learning a language rapidly is a challenging task. Language is like a tool, and you may learn a tool by using it repeatedly. Most students are able to overcome the English language, but if you live in a nation where English is not the native tongue, it can be difficult to do so.

9. Cultural Misunderstanding

One of the largest challenges for people to overcome is their inability to afford various customs, traditions, festivals, foods, and lifestyles.

10. Currency Difference

There is a significant currency gap in wealthy nations. The monetary disparity presents a significant obstacle for students travelling to other nations.

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