Educational Expo 2019 dates - FES

FES Educational Expo 2019 (Registration and Background)

FES brings to you another one of its outstanding educational expo in 2019. Meet representatives of universities from around the world and gather information to make an informed decision regarding your future.

Educational Expo 2019 dates - FES
Educational Expo 2019 dates – FES

Register yourself in any of the following cities for the upcoming expo (October 2019). Click here to register in any of the following cities:

  • Lahore Expo (Avari Hotel, Lahore) – 12th October, 2019.
  • Islamabad Expo (Marriott Islamabad) – 13th October, 2019.
  • Peshawar Expo (PC Peshawar) – 14th October, 2019.
  • Abbottabad Expo (FES Abbottabad) – 15th October, 2019.
  • Karachi Expo (Avari Hotel, Karachi) – 17th October, 2019.

FES has been bringing educational expos to your cities for a decade now. Thousands of students each year get counselled in a couple of days by the help of our dedicated and hardworking team therefore, don’t miss out on attending this educational expo this year.

We give free career counselling and give the students options about their future. Time never comes back so do not waste it thus come and join this Educational Expo in Pakistan.

What’s in it for you:

  • A complete set of information regarding admissions in a well-reputed foreign university.
  • A chance to launch application on the spot (if you bring your documents with you).
  • Find out about any missing criteria that you may have in order to get into your dream institute.
  • Career counselling (Free).
  • Educational counselling (Free).
  • Assessment of your documents (Free).
  • An opportunity to meet the representative of the university directly.

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Building IT, Technology and Innovation Park in Karachi- A strong avenue for Economic Development in Pakistan

News Paper Article by Wajid Hassan

The IT industry of Pakistan has a potential to become major economic contributor to the country. Pakistan has only 125 CMM and ISO certified companies which guarantees on-time delivery and efficiency

Pakistan can help establish its name as a leader in quality software and IT Services in the world. Karachi being the ‘New York of Pakistan’ is highly favorable place to establish an IT park. The metropolitan area of Karachi has a population of more than 15 million, dozens of HEC-recognized IT departments and universities and great concentration of IT firms. Karachi is an International travel and financial hub. It is famous for its sea port and is the heart beat of economy of the country.

Trained professionals of IT over 100,000 and an increased number of educational institutes are adding a great number trained resources to the vibrant job market of IT ensuring that a talented pool of resources with exceptional skills is always available to this industry. But due to the lack of sufficient facilities and opportunities, most of the talent pool is unable to contribute to the development of the country. 

IT Technology parks provide the organizations a hassle free setup on friendly policies and low cost. State of the art facilities and office spaces are provided by the IT parks with the aim of expanding IT enterprises and providing a one stop solution for setups.

After 1970, many developing countries have established technology parks at regional and national levels for regional and economic development by providing infrastructure to tech-businesses for creating new opportunities of employment. The main aims for establishment of technology parks include knowledge flow and encouraging cooperation between industries and universities to create innovation firms, high-tech jobs and attracting the enterprises and foreign investment in the country.

Pakistan’s current software export is approximately 1 billion Dollars compared to Indian Software export of 111 Billion Dollars. With limited number of IT Parks where the Fast Internet, 24 hours availability of electricity, secured premises is available, we have stunted IT Sector growth in Pakistan.

There are only 8 IT Parks in Lahore including Arfa Technology park and only 5 located in Islamabad with None located in Karachi. Private enterprises have done a make shift kind of facilities where building owners ensure 24/7 hour electricity, security and uninterrupted fast internet but there is no such facility provided by the government

Pakistan is in a decisive stage. Decisions that are taken now will have a strong impact on the future of Pakistan. The need of the hour is to invest in making Pakistan a service based economy. IT industry is an example of service industry that can significantly boost the economy of Pakistan as demonstrated by other developing countries like Philippines, India and Singapore. IT industry unlike other industries does not require heavy machineries. Over 100,000 people are officially employed in IT industry of Pakistan and many more are employed informally. Unfortunately, IT industry in Pakistan is not given the same industry status as textile and this in some way impacted the development of this industry in the country. Pakistan has only a share of 0.9 percent of the global IT sector that is approximately 303.8 billion dollars. If significant steps are taken by the Government then it can have great effect on the GDP and foreign investment.

In spite of the challenges faced by the country including political instability, energy crisis and lack of promotion, IT sector of Pakistan has gained global recognition. There have been success stories in the various domains of IT like mobile applications, healthcare, finance and telecom. As Per reports by PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board), the share of Pakistan in the global sales is 2.8 billion dollars, out of which 1.6 billion dollars accounts for country’s IT enabled services and software exports.

The main focus of Pakistan has been mainly higher end products of software, whereas other developing countries like Philippines and India have focused on more basic IT enabled services like services outsourcing and software.

Electronics Commission of India led the development work of India’s IT sector. Electronics commission’s work was supported by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and a master plan was developed for regional centers of computing. The key focus of the work was on knowledge development and intellectual capital. Today India shares 39.2 % of the global IT industry. The industry is continuing to develop almost and 230,000 jobs are generated every year. Almost 2.8 million direct employments and 8.9 indirect employments are being provided by the IT industry of India. Telecom and IT ministry of Pakistan can leverage large international organizations support to build similar regional IT Parks.

Another developing country where IT services development and promotion has played a great role in the development of the economy of the country is Philippines. Since 2006, the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry of Philippines is developed 46 % annually and is overtaking the progress in IT sector in India.

The IT sector in Pakistan has great potential. However, there is significant need for development of IT parks and promotion in order to strengthen the economy of the country and to compete with other developing countries. Issues like lack of world class research & development, absence of state of the art infrastructure and payment gateways etc. have created difficulties in the development of this industry. With a clear vision, strategy and direction, the IT industry can grow in the country resulting in more employment opportunities and alleviating poverty from the country. Development in the IT sector of the country will attract foreign investments in the country which will also have an impact on other industries as well.

The establishment of technology parks is crucial for the economic development of the country. Software technology parks can be helpful in the creation of new businesses and attract foreign investments. Results show that half of the firms located in already established technology parks are startups. The IT parks already established in Pakistan are small in area as compared to other Asian counterparts such as India, China and Korea etc. This Study shows that to create new businesses, new jobs and to increase the GDP of the country, Government needs to establish more IT parks as well as promote research and development in the country.

Wajid Hassan is PhD Fellow in Technology Management and advisor to the Chancellor, East West University, Chicago.

UK Calling!

United Kingdom – the multicultural land of dreams and opportunities – is undoubtedly the most sought-after study abroad destination in the world, promoting an exceptional world-class education system, outstanding research facilities, and a culture that encourages academic freedom. The uniqueness of UK is not only limited to its socio-cultural diversity but it boasts a rich and an interesting history, making it an ideal place for international students. The aura of the splendid culture and heritage in a historic setting can be felt by walking around the cobbled streets of England as there is history in every fragment of UK. Similarly, you will never be disappointed with your decision of choosing to study in the UK, as you will always have something new and exciting to do. Your study abroad experience will get even richer as you will interact with different types of people from various countries and get an insight about their cultures.

The distinct regions of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales offer not only a high standard of living but quality lifestyle to their international students; it is evident from the fact that UK welcomes a staggering number of over 200,000 students every year and this number is getting bigger with every passing academic year.

Benefits of choosing UK as your study abroad destination:

Studying abroad in the UK accrues myriads of benefits such as:

  • A variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Students have a choice of opting from over 40,000 courses from a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees that suit their needs and interests. There is literally a course for anything and everything that you wish to study in the UK which will in turn help you excel in the area of your expertise.

  • A chance to graduate soon:

The best part about the study abroad plan in Great Britain is the fact that these courses are generally completed in a shorter period of time than other countries, reducing overall tuition and accommodation costs. Most of their Bachelors’ degree programmes are completed within three years while Masters is done in a year.

  • Comparatively cheaper than studying in USA:

Studying in the UK gets comparatively cheaper than USA because international students in the UK are permitted by the government to work part-time for 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during the holidays; this is not allowed by the American universities. This is a great way to not only gain work experience in a study abroad destination but it apparently relieves students from financial pressure as well.

  • A UK degree on the CV – an edge in the international job market:

Your CV would be invaluable to every employer because of your UK degree and will simultaneously give you an edge in the international job market. It has been stated in a study that UK-educated international students are paid higher salaries in their home countries than their peers as a UK qualification is respected globally by all the employers.

  • Interactive learning environment:

The British style of teaching as well as learning varies from the learning environment of the home countries of international students. The interactive learning atmosphere in Britain encourages students to think critically and express their opinions; simultaneously inculcating decision-making abilities and critical thinking skills in students. It further helps in the personal development of the students, driving forward their career prospects in future.

  • Improve your English language skills:

English is a lingua franca which is used extensively across the world. English is the official language of UK which makes it a top study abroad destination for international students to study in English. International students have the opportunity to practice and enhance their linguistic skills by interacting with the native speakers on a daily basis.  In today’s economy every employer seeks an individual who has a grasp on English; so, what better way can you find than to learn English in the country of its origin?

  • Explore different cultures and cities:

The famous British history along with its multicultural and multi-ethnic society attracts international students in hordes. Students can explore different cultures by travelling to European countries during their vacations. They can enjoy the beautiful countryside by travelling via Eurostar (high-speed railway service connecting London to Paris and mainland Europe). Not only this, but they can avail the low-cost budget airlines’ deals for students and take a break from their monotonous lives.

Now that you know the perks of studying in the UK, then why don’t you avail the opportunity of studying in the top UK universities that the best education consultants for study abroad in Pakistan – FES, has sorted out for you. The foreign universities’ representatives in Pakistan at FES have several highly-ranked UK institutions on their panel, namely, University of Westminster (London), University of South Wales, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of the West of Scotland, University of Bradford, and many others to choose from.(Click here to see more)

So if you wish to experience a diversity of languages, varied cuisine, historic landmarks, museums, music festivals, ease of transportation, etc., then going to university in the UK is the perfect choice for you. UK is calling you!

What can an MBA degree do for you?

Do you need an MBA degree to get ahead in the business world? Definitely, yes! It is indeed an important degree if you are interested in business or would probably build a start-up somewhere down the line. Although, there is a plethora of diverse degrees in the academic world presently, but an MBA degree still holds its charm because this degree trains an individual to solve human as well as the technical side of the management equation. The generally popular hypotheses for people interested in getting an MBA degree is either an avid interest in pursuing a career in business management or it is considered as a golden ticket to financial success and a six-figure salary.

MBA graduates from highly-ranked business schools have an added edge and benefit over job applicants who unfortunately do not hold a postgraduate degree in business administration and management. However, studying in quality business schools of the world that award MBA degrees to graduates significantly helps them to achieve their dream jobs of getting into tech companies and finance industries of Wall Street or the Silicon Valley.

Due to the overcrowded and saturated job market for MBAs, there has been a recent boom and an introduction of varied MBA programmes (full-time, part-time and executive) by the business schools suiting the different needs of every student. A full-time MBA programme is an intensive programme that helps in accelerating career paths of the students.  While, a part-time MBA programme is apt for those who wish to climb the corporate ladder and are satisfied with their current jobs; whereas, an executive MBA programme is best-suited for experienced businesspersons who aspire to take their careers up a notch to further hone their management and leadership skills.

Multinational companies and their HR departments are of the belief that the job market is flooded with far more MBA graduates than it can actually accommodate and this dilemma gives rise to the difficulty in finding suitable jobs in top-class firms and companies. This predicament can only be solved if business schools refrain from minting money from students and offer multiple aspects of theoretical as well as real-world practical lessons to graduates in order to promote the growth of businesses. MBA programmes should entirely be knowledge and experience-based and similarly, universities should refrain from handing out MBA degrees to almost every individual who comes to them for admission. Rather, an MBA degree should be awarded to those who have work experience of a few years.

Unfortunately, our academic institutions fail to hire and welcome professionals who are in practice, such as MBA degree holders or other experienced professionals from the corporate sector to teach and advise students. These lecturers-in-practice would know what curriculum would work best and what would not. Similarly, it would revive an interest in MBA programmes and these MBA-awarding institutions would simultaneously remain in sync with the demands of the market and would produce leaders rather than managers.

Another win-win situation for MBA programmes can be achieved by introducing co-op programmes in universities. Under this programme, students can alternate between studies and work; they can attend universities for the first semester, undertake some work experience in the second semester, and finally return to university in the third semester with useful practical knowledge and experience of the real world of business. In this way, they would also be able to finance their own education themselves.

An MBA degree is globally recognised as it provides comprehensive business knowledge to graduates; it also reinforces their skills to help them advance to higher-paid jobs faster.  So, what are you waiting for? Discover the MBA programme at City University, UK, or if you wish to go for a cheaper and easier option then look no further as FES is here to assist you. Being the best study abroad education consultants in Pakistan, we have come up with the best MBA programme for you if you choose to study abroad in Edinburgh. This way you will understand how businesses are handled in a different country broadening your cultural horizon as well as your career prospects.

An MBA (Leadership Practice) programme at Edinburgh Napier University, located in the heart of Scotland’s capital, will enhance leadership and management skills of the graduates by providing hands-on practical experience to them.  Edinburgh Napier University takes pride in being among the top 5% of the universities worldwide. Students will gain knowledge through a combination of interactive learning experiences with experienced faculty members and guest speakers. This programme is easily payable through easy instalments over a period of 24 months.

It is time to turbocharge your career because now you are clearly aware of the rewards of earning an MBA degree in today’s global business environment. We have made the choice even easier for you by providing you information about the university; you only have to put all your documents in a folder, come to FES and file your application. See, FES makes lives so much easier for all of you out there. No doubt, it’s the best in town!

Importance of Scholarships

Scholarships – Ensuring a better tomorrow by funding your future goals

Applying for scholarships is not a piece of cake and requires tremendous effort from the applicant. It is similar to job applications where one-size-fits-all is absolutely discouraged. Just as a job applicant must avoid sending same generic cover letters to multiple employers, a scholarship applicant should equally create a new application for each potential scholarship programme. As soon as you take your decision to study abroad on a scholarship, you should start your preparation straight away as most of the scholarships take long to be processed and the application deadlines end early as well.

With the sky-rocketing college/university fees, scholarships are mandatory for students to pursue higher education. Scholarships carry the tag of prestige and honour for students and it is a continuous gift for life. There are several factors which determine the criteria for scholarship provision to students; for e.g. if they belong to any specific country, they wish to study a certain course; they belong to a particular society/organisation, and many others. Scholarships, thereby, provide an opportunity to all those talented students who might not have attended colleges because of financial constraints. The generosity of scholarship providers paves the way for students in the attainment of a dream degree. At the same time, this sentiment teaches the element of philanthropy to students. The best part about achieving scholarship is that it further motivates an individual to strive for even better; he/she has the zeal to be on the dean’s honour list throughout the academic year, have his/her name engraved on the gold medal, and the list goes on.

Types of scholarships:

You certainly have what it takes to give a chance to a scholarship application. FES believes that education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon that can change the world so there should be nothing in this world that should stop you from acquiring education; therefore, we have listed various types of scholarships that can help you in earning a degree of your choice at an affordable cost. FES can help you find suitable scholarships conforming to your needs as there are a number of scholarships available to students in the form of various types of funding such as grants, prizes, fellowships and several others; and these are fortunately not completely dependent on students’ grades.

  • Academic scholarships:

These scholarships depend solely on students’ grades and their extracurricular academic achievements such as Olympiads, MUNs, conferences etc.

  • Need-based scholarships:

Those students whose families’ income is not at par with a certain standard are awarded these scholarships mostly by the government itself or by the universities themselves.

  • Sports scholarships:

You must have surely heard how ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so get up, pull up your socks and go out to play because if you’re into sports then these sports scholarships are definitely a thing for those who exhibit outstanding accomplishments in sporting activities.

An important point that students must take into consideration is that not all scholarships cover the entire tuition cost and there are scholarships where students have to pay a specific amount of the tuition cost to the college/university; so apply for different scholarships as per your need. FES is at your service as always and has jotted down a few scholarship programmes to suit your different needs, such as a scholarship of $20,000 per year for undergraduates at Dayton University, USA, or a full-fee scholarship at University of Westminster, UK, and last but not the least, you also have the option to avail 25% international scholarships at University of Tasmania in Australia.

Okay, now that you surely must have decided to take the next step by filling up your scholarship application, please make sure that you have made the right choice in deciding the best scholarship programme for yourself. Make a checklist to see if you match the eligibility requirements of the scholarship programme and nothing has gone unnoticed.  Let me reiterate yet again that time is money and you should start this preparation at the earliest to make sure that you are not rushing in and panicking at the deadline hour. Sort out all your previous academic degrees, diplomas, transcripts, etc., your CVs/resumes along with your academic/work reference letters, your language certificates (such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, etc.) and all the other relevant supporting documentation. Put all your documents in order before you start typing away your scholarship application. And yes, please don’t rely entirely on computers; you should never underestimate the power of hard copies of your documents so don’t forget to have the hard copies of each and every document handy because one wrong click and whoosh, your information vanishes in thin air.

C’mon now, get down to work, send that scholarship application to all your dream colleges/universities and wait patiently with your fingers crossed for their positive response. Good luck!


ENGLISH- Brings the world closer!

There are almost a billion people around the world who speak English but the interesting fact is that it is the first language of only one third speakers, while the rest of the people use it either as a second or foreign language. Pakistan is one of those countries where English is rapidly progressing and spreading; according to the current world listing, Pakistan is the third largest English speaking region besides United States of America and the United Kingdom which are the major English speaking regions.

The present-day growing need of English language has made its acquisition an important requirement for today’s student in order to survive in the global economy. This appears to be true for Pakistani students while applying to study abroad in foreign universities. IELTS or TOEFL is a prerequisite for getting admission in foreign universities and this speaks volumes about the necessity of not only fluency in English language but also the required scores in the proficiency tests to bag a seat in any prestigious foreign institution.

Despite the time and resources, majority of the Pakistani students are weak in English language. This factor is vastly witnessed due to the fact that requisite linguistic skills for future proficiency assessment are not provided to the students. It is vital in the context of Pakistan to implement standardized assessment procedures in order to obtain a clear picture about the language proficiency of students. The mastery of English language will not only help students in excelling in their academic lives but it will help them greatly in achieving better career prospects after graduation. Therefore, Pakistanis need to learn English in order to gain access to the international job market. In fact, the job market in Pakistan has become accessible only to those applicants who have at least an average proficiency in English if not exceptional.

The deteriorating quality of education has resulted in the recent paradigm shift towards the private tuition academies; this acts as a negative indicator of our education system where the foundation level of English is not focused. Therefore, ELRC (Education Learning Resource Center), has come to the rescue of students by providing the best teaching facilities and faculty in town focused on teaching skills to students, in order to help them solve the required tasks accurately rather than teaching them to be proficient only in grammar.

There is a wide variety of standardised English proficiency tests which measure the overall ability of the English language learners required in both educational and workplace settings. The purpose of this particular English language testing is to check the learner’s ability to use English language suitably. For example, in TOEFL (Teaching Of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System) etc., a number of tasks require a great deal of English language potentiality, and ELRC takes every possible step to enhance the communicative competence of not only its students but also the teachers who wish to further enhance their linguistic proficiency.

With ELRC now in town, students can avail the opportunity of being guided by its experienced faculty. Apart from IELTS/TOEFL preparatory classes, ELRC offers O and A-Level classes in all the subjects (ranging from Business Management, Sciences, Pre- Engineering to Arts), as well as GRE/GMAT classes.

Do not worry people; just click on the link because ELRC has it all under control!

Study Abroad United Arab Emirates

dubai metro

College students interested in studying abroad won’t discover a more dynamic, captivating and thrilling area than the United Arab Emirates. Combining youthful enthusiasm for current generation and architecture with a rich cultural history, U.A.E. has a wealth of remarkable points of interest, breathtaking sights and valuable opportunities.

No matter what course of study you select, you’ll discover sufficient historical, scientific and cultural assets that will not only complement your academic adventure, but additionally enrich your perspective.

So why study abroad in the U.A.E.?

In case you are considering studying abroad, right here are some motives why the U.A.E. is an terrific destination.

You could take benefit of a top-notch educational system. The U.A.E. is a kingdom committed to technological development. studying in the U.A.E. will introduce you to some of the very fine educational programs within the world. such as

university of bolton    Skyline University College

Secondly Abu Dhabi and Dubai rank highest in the Arab world for quality of life and infrastructure, according to a survey by the HR consultancy Mercer. For overall quality of life, Abu Dhabi ranks 78th globally – level with last year – while Dubai edged up one place to 73rd, according to Mercer’s rankings.

That puts the two UAE cities ahead of others in the Middle East and North Africa, with the next highest in Mercer’s ranking being Oman, which was placed 103rd.

while you aren’t within the classroom, you can find out about the numerous cultures of the Emirates. you may explore the ancient mosques, visit heritage web sites, and take a look at out contemporary and historic museums.

You can explore the world’s fastest roller coaster is in Abu Dhabi. The roller coaster, called “The Rosso,” can reach a speed of 150 miles per hour in five seconds. The theme park is owned by Ferrari.

Robot camel racing is highly popular. Although football – known as soccer in the U.S. – is the most watched sport in U.A.E., residents of Dubai enjoy robot-mounted camel races. The robots are fashioned to look like little jockeys, with helmets, goggles and racing silks.

Moreover, you could participate in amazing sports which you won’t discover anywhere else in the world. You may play camel polo, shop at the arena’s biggest mall and go on safari inside the abu dhabi barren region. Even if you aren’t a natural adventurer, you may nonetheless experience a thought-boggling array of luxurious sports, like lava shell massage and aerial silk dance .

You may ask how all of this is possible?

FES has been dedicated to introducing students of all socio-economic backgrounds to different global cultures through accessible study abroad programs. There are more than 232 universities in our member network across over 9 countries, and you can participate in different events FES holds in different cities of Pakistan.

To begin your international adventure, visit our office and learn about the different FES member institutions throughout the world, or click here to get into contact with us


study abroad gif

Benefits To Studying Abroad

Studying abroad might be a standout amongst the most useful encounters for a student. By studying abroad, Pakistani students have the chance to study in a foreign nation and take in the charm and culture of another land. Here is a rundown of the main 10 motivations to study abroad!

Life Experience

Why study abroad? For maximum Pakistani students, this time can be the best possibility they ever get to tour overseas for a long time period. Subsequently you’ll discover a job and profession, and the possibility to take a look at overseas may additionally end up a once in a life time opportunity. Take this possibility to travel the arena with no commitments however to observe and study new cultures. studying abroad is an experience in contrast to any other.


Another reason you would possibly bear in mind analyzing overseas is for the danger to enjoy specific sorts of training. By enrolling in our study abroad program at FES you will have the opportunity to see a side of your major that you may now not had been exposed to at home.You’ll discover that absolutely immersing your self within the education system of your host nation is an excellent way to actually enjoy and apprehend the humans, its traditions, and its culture.

Schooling is the center piece of any study abroad experience. It is, after all, a study abroad program and choosing the right school is a very important factor, but you dont have to worry about that because we at FES are here to help you choose the right country and college to study abroad. To know more about universities in study abroad program click here.

Career Opportunities

when you finish your study abroad program and return home, you will go back with a brand new angle on lifestyle, language competencies, a splendid training, and a willingness to study. Pointless to say, all of those are very appealing to future employers.

Many Pakistani students locate that they love their host country so much that they decide to seeking a career there. If you can relate, you will find that a local education will be very valuable when searching for a potential job in that country.

so click here to book an appointment or visit us by clicking here.


The Land of Smiles Awaits You!

Figuring out to study abroad is easy but the toughest part is choosing where to study, especially when there are hefty price tags attached to the foreign degrees. But, never mind, FES, the best education consultants for study abroad in Pakistan, has narrowed down your options by selecting an affordable yet an emerging study abroad destination for you with a cheaper fee and lower living cost. So if you are planning on taking this once-in-a-lifetime journey without having to spend loads then there is an excellent chance for you to explore Thailand.

The dichotomous blend of contemporary and ancient culture of Thailand is a perfect fit for everyone, which means there is ample chance throughout the year to indulge in exciting activities (i.e. obviously when you’re not studying. Mind it!). Students can rejuvenate themselves and fuel their wanderlust once they get free from their monotonous university life by hopping on the low-cost budget airlines and travel to the countries situated nearby Thailand. They can take a break from their regular grind by exploring the world’s largest cave in Vietnam, to the southeast of Thailand, or travel to the south to appreciate the skyline and capture the spires of Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Students can also experience the memories of their incredible adventures in neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and not to forget the other Southeast Asian countries which are close by as well.


FES believes that students should embrace every opportunity that comes their way and now that you would have had a fairly clear glimpse into what Thailand has in store of you then grab the offer to get enrolled in the University of Webster either in the heart of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand or in Thailand’s rural side in the small town by the beach, Cha-Am / Hua Hin.  The two campuses of this global American university in Thailand welcome both undergraduate and graduate international students from over sixty countries, thus creating a diverse atmosphere for learning while obtaining an accredited American degree. The University of Webster takes pride in being a truly global university and has a widespread network across the four continents of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It offers a distinct range of undergraduate and graduate degrees ranging from Business Administration, Media Communications, Psychology, MBA, International Relations to Teaching English as Second Language and many more. University of Webster’s degrees are taught by exceptionally experienced faculty members who share their knowledge devotedly with the students enabling them to gain real-world experience. Discover the academic excellence at the University of Webster Thailand and become the global leaders of tomorrow.


International students receive a warm welcome in Thailand because of the friendliness of their local Thai people; no wonder it is popularly known as the “Land of Smiles”. This is not the only reason for you to opt to study abroad in Thailand; there are plenty of other benefits and reasons for you to make Thailand your study abroad destination. The budget-friendly cost of accommodation, food and transportation suits every pocket and you won’t have to empty your piggy bank at the end of the month to pay your bills. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step, fill up the admission form, pick up your passport and fly away to Thailand.