UK Calling!

United Kingdom – the multicultural land of dreams and opportunities – is undoubtedly the most sought-after study abroad destination in the world, promoting an exceptional world-class education system, outstanding research facilities, and a culture that encourages academic freedom. The uniqueness of UK is not only limited to its socio-cultural diversity but it boasts a rich and an interesting history, making it an ideal place for international students. The aura of the splendid culture and heritage in a historic setting can be felt by walking around the cobbled streets of England as there is history in every fragment of UK. Similarly, you will never be disappointed with your decision of choosing to study in the UK, as you will always have something new and exciting to do. Your study abroad experience will get even richer as you will interact with different types of people from various countries and get an insight about their cultures.

The distinct regions of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales offer not only a high standard of living but quality lifestyle to their international students; it is evident from the fact that UK welcomes a staggering number of over 200,000 students every year and this number is getting bigger with every passing academic year.

Benefits of choosing UK as your study abroad destination:

Studying abroad in the UK accrues myriads of benefits such as:

  • A variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Students have a choice of opting from over 40,000 courses from a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees that suit their needs and interests. There is literally a course for anything and everything that you wish to study in the UK which will in turn help you excel in the area of your expertise.

  • A chance to graduate soon:

The best part about the study abroad plan in Great Britain is the fact that these courses are generally completed in a shorter period of time than other countries, reducing overall tuition and accommodation costs. Most of their Bachelors’ degree programmes are completed within three years while Masters is done in a year.

  • Comparatively cheaper than studying in USA:

Studying in the UK gets comparatively cheaper than USA because international students in the UK are permitted by the government to work part-time for 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during the holidays; this is not allowed by the American universities. This is a great way to not only gain work experience in a study abroad destination but it apparently relieves students from financial pressure as well.

  • A UK degree on the CV – an edge in the international job market:

Your CV would be invaluable to every employer because of your UK degree and will simultaneously give you an edge in the international job market. It has been stated in a study that UK-educated international students are paid higher salaries in their home countries than their peers as a UK qualification is respected globally by all the employers.

  • Interactive learning environment:

The British style of teaching as well as learning varies from the learning environment of the home countries of international students. The interactive learning atmosphere in Britain encourages students to think critically and express their opinions; simultaneously inculcating decision-making abilities and critical thinking skills in students. It further helps in the personal development of the students, driving forward their career prospects in future.

  • Improve your English language skills:

English is a lingua franca which is used extensively across the world. English is the official language of UK which makes it a top study abroad destination for international students to study in English. International students have the opportunity to practice and enhance their linguistic skills by interacting with the native speakers on a daily basis.  In today’s economy every employer seeks an individual who has a grasp on English; so, what better way can you find than to learn English in the country of its origin?

  • Explore different cultures and cities:

The famous British history along with its multicultural and multi-ethnic society attracts international students in hordes. Students can explore different cultures by travelling to European countries during their vacations. They can enjoy the beautiful countryside by travelling via Eurostar (high-speed railway service connecting London to Paris and mainland Europe). Not only this, but they can avail the low-cost budget airlines’ deals for students and take a break from their monotonous lives.

Now that you know the perks of studying in the UK, then why don’t you avail the opportunity of studying in the top UK universities that the best education consultants for study abroad in Pakistan – FES, has sorted out for you. The foreign universities’ representatives in Pakistan at FES have several highly-ranked UK institutions on their panel, namely, University of Westminster (London), University of South Wales, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of the West of Scotland, University of Bradford, and many others to choose from.(Click here to see more)

So if you wish to experience a diversity of languages, varied cuisine, historic landmarks, museums, music festivals, ease of transportation, etc., then going to university in the UK is the perfect choice for you. UK is calling you!

What can an MBA degree do for you?

Do you need an MBA degree to get ahead in the business world? Definitely, yes! It is indeed an important degree if you are interested in business or would probably build a start-up somewhere down the line. Although, there is a plethora of diverse degrees in the academic world presently, but an MBA degree still holds its charm because this degree trains an individual to solve human as well as the technical side of the management equation. The generally popular hypotheses for people interested in getting an MBA degree is either an avid interest in pursuing a career in business management or it is considered as a golden ticket to financial success and a six-figure salary.

MBA graduates from highly-ranked business schools have an added edge and benefit over job applicants who unfortunately do not hold a postgraduate degree in business administration and management. However, studying in quality business schools of the world that award MBA degrees to graduates significantly helps them to achieve their dream jobs of getting into tech companies and finance industries of Wall Street or the Silicon Valley.

Due to the overcrowded and saturated job market for MBAs, there has been a recent boom and an introduction of varied MBA programmes (full-time, part-time and executive) by the business schools suiting the different needs of every student. A full-time MBA programme is an intensive programme that helps in accelerating career paths of the students.  While, a part-time MBA programme is apt for those who wish to climb the corporate ladder and are satisfied with their current jobs; whereas, an executive MBA programme is best-suited for experienced businesspersons who aspire to take their careers up a notch to further hone their management and leadership skills.

Multinational companies and their HR departments are of the belief that the job market is flooded with far more MBA graduates than it can actually accommodate and this dilemma gives rise to the difficulty in finding suitable jobs in top-class firms and companies. This predicament can only be solved if business schools refrain from minting money from students and offer multiple aspects of theoretical as well as real-world practical lessons to graduates in order to promote the growth of businesses. MBA programmes should entirely be knowledge and experience-based and similarly, universities should refrain from handing out MBA degrees to almost every individual who comes to them for admission. Rather, an MBA degree should be awarded to those who have work experience of a few years.

Unfortunately, our academic institutions fail to hire and welcome professionals who are in practice, such as MBA degree holders or other experienced professionals from the corporate sector to teach and advise students. These lecturers-in-practice would know what curriculum would work best and what would not. Similarly, it would revive an interest in MBA programmes and these MBA-awarding institutions would simultaneously remain in sync with the demands of the market and would produce leaders rather than managers.

Another win-win situation for MBA programmes can be achieved by introducing co-op programmes in universities. Under this programme, students can alternate between studies and work; they can attend universities for the first semester, undertake some work experience in the second semester, and finally return to university in the third semester with useful practical knowledge and experience of the real world of business. In this way, they would also be able to finance their own education themselves.

An MBA degree is globally recognised as it provides comprehensive business knowledge to graduates; it also reinforces their skills to help them advance to higher-paid jobs faster.  So, what are you waiting for? Discover the MBA programme at City University, UK, or if you wish to go for a cheaper and easier option then look no further as FES is here to assist you. Being the best study abroad education consultants in Pakistan, we have come up with the best MBA programme for you if you choose to study abroad in Edinburgh. This way you will understand how businesses are handled in a different country broadening your cultural horizon as well as your career prospects.

An MBA (Leadership Practice) programme at Edinburgh Napier University, located in the heart of Scotland’s capital, will enhance leadership and management skills of the graduates by providing hands-on practical experience to them.  Edinburgh Napier University takes pride in being among the top 5% of the universities worldwide. Students will gain knowledge through a combination of interactive learning experiences with experienced faculty members and guest speakers. This programme is easily payable through easy instalments over a period of 24 months.

It is time to turbocharge your career because now you are clearly aware of the rewards of earning an MBA degree in today’s global business environment. We have made the choice even easier for you by providing you information about the university; you only have to put all your documents in a folder, come to FES and file your application. See, FES makes lives so much easier for all of you out there. No doubt, it’s the best in town!

Importance of Scholarships

Scholarships – Ensuring a better tomorrow by funding your future goals

Applying for scholarships is not a piece of cake and requires tremendous effort from the applicant. It is similar to job applications where one-size-fits-all is absolutely discouraged. Just as a job applicant must avoid sending same generic cover letters to multiple employers, a scholarship applicant should equally create a new application for each potential scholarship programme. As soon as you take your decision to study abroad on a scholarship, you should start your preparation straight away as most of the scholarships take long to be processed and the application deadlines end early as well.

With the sky-rocketing college/university fees, scholarships are mandatory for students to pursue higher education. Scholarships carry the tag of prestige and honour for students and it is a continuous gift for life. There are several factors which determine the criteria for scholarship provision to students; for e.g. if they belong to any specific country, they wish to study a certain course; they belong to a particular society/organisation, and many others. Scholarships, thereby, provide an opportunity to all those talented students who might not have attended colleges because of financial constraints. The generosity of scholarship providers paves the way for students in the attainment of a dream degree. At the same time, this sentiment teaches the element of philanthropy to students. The best part about achieving scholarship is that it further motivates an individual to strive for even better; he/she has the zeal to be on the dean’s honour list throughout the academic year, have his/her name engraved on the gold medal, and the list goes on.

Types of scholarships:

You certainly have what it takes to give a chance to a scholarship application. FES believes that education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon that can change the world so there should be nothing in this world that should stop you from acquiring education; therefore, we have listed various types of scholarships that can help you in earning a degree of your choice at an affordable cost. FES can help you find suitable scholarships conforming to your needs as there are a number of scholarships available to students in the form of various types of funding such as grants, prizes, fellowships and several others; and these are fortunately not completely dependent on students’ grades.

  • Academic scholarships:

These scholarships depend solely on students’ grades and their extracurricular academic achievements such as Olympiads, MUNs, conferences etc.

  • Need-based scholarships:

Those students whose families’ income is not at par with a certain standard are awarded these scholarships mostly by the government itself or by the universities themselves.

  • Sports scholarships:

You must have surely heard how ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so get up, pull up your socks and go out to play because if you’re into sports then these sports scholarships are definitely a thing for those who exhibit outstanding accomplishments in sporting activities.

An important point that students must take into consideration is that not all scholarships cover the entire tuition cost and there are scholarships where students have to pay a specific amount of the tuition cost to the college/university; so apply for different scholarships as per your need. FES is at your service as always and has jotted down a few scholarship programmes to suit your different needs, such as a scholarship of $20,000 per year for undergraduates at Dayton University, USA, or a full-fee scholarship at University of Westminster, UK, and last but not the least, you also have the option to avail 25% international scholarships at University of Tasmania in Australia.

Okay, now that you surely must have decided to take the next step by filling up your scholarship application, please make sure that you have made the right choice in deciding the best scholarship programme for yourself. Make a checklist to see if you match the eligibility requirements of the scholarship programme and nothing has gone unnoticed.  Let me reiterate yet again that time is money and you should start this preparation at the earliest to make sure that you are not rushing in and panicking at the deadline hour. Sort out all your previous academic degrees, diplomas, transcripts, etc., your CVs/resumes along with your academic/work reference letters, your language certificates (such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, etc.) and all the other relevant supporting documentation. Put all your documents in order before you start typing away your scholarship application. And yes, please don’t rely entirely on computers; you should never underestimate the power of hard copies of your documents so don’t forget to have the hard copies of each and every document handy because one wrong click and whoosh, your information vanishes in thin air.

C’mon now, get down to work, send that scholarship application to all your dream colleges/universities and wait patiently with your fingers crossed for their positive response. Good luck!