The dearth of educational facilities and education consultants in Pakistan has given rise to the prevalent trend of foreign degrees, therefore making education the most promising business proposition in Pakistan.
While our colleges and universities proclaim of awarding ‘professional’ degrees to students, they fail to nurture and develop a skilled manpower that is ready to face the competitive global market. Our impaired education system is what is pushing the students to apply for foreign degrees. Why do you think our Sunday classifieds are filled with more advertisements of study abroad programmes and expos featuring international universities instead of our own local universities? A point to ponder!
Unfortunately, Pakistan’s education sector is in the doldrums; we need a massive educational overhaul or else we would be losing our talented students to the West. Pakistani students are flocking to the international universities because they believe that there is a vast job market for foreign degrees and a foreign degree is an added feather to their cap; it translates into better employment opportunities in their home country. Our students have a conviction that it would add value to their resumes and CVs. Due to this reason, they are ready to pay not only the fees for their degrees but are willing to invest in their future by believing in the education consultants in Pakistan.
Although the whole world is just a click away and getting admission in foreign universities seems convenient but professional assistance by study abroad consultants and foreign universities’ representatives in Pakistan is mandatory in guiding the students to the right path.
The constant guidance by the qualified education counselors throughout the admission journey in selecting courses and degrees conforming to the students’ personal interest makes it easier for the students to understand their potential. These consultants for higher education abroad truly understand the student’s ordeal of filing the application and all the other problems faced by them during the whole admission process. Therefore, they play a vital role in saving time and effort of the students by undertaking the painstaking task in their own hands. The education consultants in Pakistan help students jump over all the obstacles blocking their way and assist them in securing their future.
Educational reforms are the need of the hour; government, colleges and universities in
Pakistan should either work towards investment in the education sector or just simply
collaborate with the registered study abroad consultants in Pakistan to ease the difficulties faced by the students in securing their future. Benjamin Franklin aptly said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.



  1. Syed Shujaat Ali Shah says:

    Keeping the dynamics of modern education in mind, every cogent citizen of this country appreciates the importance of professional education consultants. But the significance of professional education consultancy is beyond that. A professional education advisor is vital because there are consultants who work just for the sake of constructing cash. They are highly shrewd in spreading their wings around our desperate students and tighten them in their trap by showing them shortcuts, by involving in the malpractices-an important term used is “DONE BASIS”. Some of the most notorious tools that these horrendous individuals use in their entrapment include; GUARANTEE of VISA, GUARANTEE of NATIONALITY and GUARANTEE of JOBS. Such bad fishes not only seize the financial resources of our students but also destroy their future. Since our students are highly vulnerable to becoming a victim of the fake, adulterated & fraudulent organizations, this highlights the significance of professional education consultants. Our students need to realize the fact that education consultancy is not meant to provide VISA rather education advisors are expert education counselors having an up to date knowledge and skills required for foreign admission and visa process and their advice increases the probability of success in securing admission and visa. Given the many fraudulent cases, students have become skeptic of the brand “EDUCATION CONSULTANTS” and it’s the time that professional education consultants, like FES, should come forward to make policy guidelines on how education consultancy industry should be regulated, launch awareness programs for students and parents, and above all provide the best, genuine and legitimate services to our students.

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