There are almost a billion people around the world who speak English but the interesting fact is that it is the first language of only one third speakers, while the rest of the people use it either as a second or foreign language. Pakistan is one of those countries where English is rapidly progressing and spreading; according to the current world listing, Pakistan is the third largest English speaking region besides United States of America and the United Kingdom which are the major English speaking regions.

The present-day growing need of English language has made its acquisition an important requirement for today’s student in order to survive in the global economy. This appears to be true for Pakistani students while applying to study abroad in foreign universities. IELTS or TOEFL is a prerequisite for getting admission in foreign universities and this speaks volumes about the necessity of not only fluency in English language but also the required scores in the proficiency tests to bag a seat in any prestigious foreign institution.

Despite the time and resources, majority of the Pakistani students are weak in English language. This factor is vastly witnessed due to the fact that requisite linguistic skills for future proficiency assessment are not provided to the students. It is vital in the context of Pakistan to implement standardized assessment procedures in order to obtain a clear picture about the language proficiency of students. The mastery of English language will not only help students in excelling in their academic lives but it will help them greatly in achieving better career prospects after graduation. Therefore, Pakistanis need to learn English in order to gain access to the international job market. In fact, the job market in Pakistan has become accessible only to those applicants who have at least an average proficiency in English if not exceptional.

The deteriorating quality of education has resulted in the recent paradigm shift towards the private tuition academies; this acts as a negative indicator of our education system where the foundation level of English is not focused. Therefore, ELRC (Education Learning Resource Center), has come to the rescue of students by providing the best teaching facilities and faculty in town focused on teaching skills to students, in order to help them solve the required tasks accurately rather than teaching them to be proficient only in grammar.

There is a wide variety of standardised English proficiency tests which measure the overall ability of the English language learners required in both educational and workplace settings. The purpose of this particular English language testing is to check the learner’s ability to use English language suitably. For example, in TOEFL (Teaching Of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System) etc., a number of tasks require a great deal of English language potentiality, and ELRC takes every possible step to enhance the communicative competence of not only its students but also the teachers who wish to further enhance their linguistic proficiency.

With ELRC now in town, students can avail the opportunity of being guided by its experienced faculty. Apart from IELTS/TOEFL preparatory classes, ELRC offers O and A-Level classes in all the subjects (ranging from Business Management, Sciences, Pre- Engineering to Arts), as well as GRE/GMAT classes.

Do not worry people; just click on the following link because ELRC has it all under control!

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