How to extend a study permit in Canada?

Studying in Canada is a dream of many students. Studying in Canada does provide a lot of benefits to people and is going to enhance any Canadian graduate’s career. Of Course studying in Canada as a foriegn student can be difficult.Taking into consideration the amount of fees and living expenses especially. Since there is so much on the line this is the reason why  you as students need to be extra careful with visa and study permits. We at FES specialise in providing visa and academic consultancies to prospective students. Once a student has gone to Canada a major issue that can be faced is the extension of the visa or study permit. Based on a lot of queries of our clients, we have formulate a guide for study permit extensions in Canada. So students can know what sort of factors to consider when applying for study permit extension in Canada, and all the various aspects of renewing study permits. 

Study Permit?

International students can study in Canada with the use of a study permit, which is a document provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A study permit is not necessary for international students who are studying in Canada for fewer than six months. Your study permit may be subject to requirements, such as whether you are permitted to work in Canada, depending on your particular situation.

Keep in mind that a study permit is not a visa. You cannot enter Canada with it. You might also require an electronic travel permission or a visitor visa (eTA). You might also receive an eTA from IRCC along with your study permission, depending on the nation you are from. However, you must submit a separate application for a tourist visa or a TRV if IRCC does not provide an eTA (temporary resident visa).

As an international student studying in Canada, you have the following obligations:

  • make progress towards completing your program
  • respect any conditions listed on your study permit
  • stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements and
  • leave Canada when your permit expires
Important Regulations
How long can you stay in Canada with a study permit?

Typically, a study permit is good for the duration of your course of study plus an additional 90 days. You have 90 days to make travel arrangements out of Canada or submit a request to stay longer.

  1. If you are taking prerequisite courses such as pre-health and pre-technology programs

Your study permit will be valid for the duration of those courses plus an additional year if Confederation College requires you to take them before accepting you into the main programme (conditional admission). You must then submit an application to extend your stay as a student after being admitted to the main programme.

  1. If you will finish your studies after your study permit expires

You must submit an application to extend your stay as a student if you do not complete your coursework by the deadline listed on your permission. You will have to stop your studies and leave Canada if you don’t.

  1. If you finish your studies before your study permit expires

No matter the expiration date indicated on the study permit, if you conclude your studies sooner than expected, your permit will expire 90 days after you finish.

The 90 days are measured from the day Confederation College officially notifies you that your academic programme is over. This notice may come in the form of a graduation letter, final transcript, or email.

Students who wish to enrol in a post-secondary programme after completing a semester of English language study should consult with an advisor as a revised study permit will need to be sought for once you are ready to begin your post-secondary programme.

going home after a study session

When you return to Canada after studying abroad, you will need to provide documentation proving your enrollment in Confederation College. When you return to Canada, your visiting visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) must still be in effect.

How to apply for a study permit extension

Study Permit Extension Workshops

The IEC frequently provides students with a “Study Permit Extension” class where they may learn about the application procedure and get their issues addressed. To register and learn more about the times and dates, just stop by the IEC.

Documents you required to apply a study permit are:

  1. Application Form (IMM 5709 – Application to Change Conditions, Extend Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student)
  2. Passport: You must include a digital copy of any pages with stamps, visas, or other markings as well as the page with your birthdate and country of origin.
  3. Proof of Means of Financial Support: This should be sufficient to pay for tuition and living expenses for one year ($10,000 approximately). Bank statements for the previous four months, documentation of tuition payments, housing advance payments, etc. can all be used as proof of money.
  4. Digital photo: Please refer to International Experience Canada’s digital photo requirement. You could explain the need to your photographer so they can assist you in creating a digital copy.
  5. Letter of Enrolment/Registration:Your enrollment history at the school and anticipated graduation date should be mentioned in the letter. This letter is available from the IEC.
  6. Co-op Letter (if applying for a co-op work permit): The particular amount of hours per semester and information about the work that has to be done must be included in this letter. This letter is available from the IEC.
  7. Proof of medical exam – E-medical (if applicable):Please see Temporary Residents’ Medical Exam Requirements. Requirements for temporary residents’ medical examinations.

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