Karachi the city of lights, the city which connects Pakistan with the rest of the world is now going to connect you with your academic ambitions. FES Pakistan and UAE are going to provide Karachiites and people in the surrounding areas an opportunity to connect with the world’s leading universities. Our global education expo will bring all the study abroad options under one roof. 

Studying abroad is the ambition of many bright students across Pakistan. Just like all ambitions, this one is also tough to realize. A lot of students underestimate the complicated and intricate nature of university and visa applications and end up facing rejection and ending up in mediocre local universities. 

Foreign education is an investment and investments cannot be rushed or left to amateurs, the same way you think a lot when investing property, and other assets. You take your time evaluating different options and most of all look for professional and experienced advice. You can interact with representatives of universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and many other European destinations. FES 13th annual education expo is the upcoming study abroad event you need to save on your calendar. Be it DHA, Bahria Town Karachi or Gulshan, ambitious students from all over Karachi are invited to attend the event. Come interact with professionals, ask them questions, find out about the various options you have, build a network and get your application process started. Unlike other education fairs, the FES global education expo promises to provide you with more information, guidance and opportunities to attain on-the-spot admissions, and visa consultations.

The event is part of Pakistan’s largest education expo. Professional consultants and representatives of universities will be waiting for you, this is the ideal time to start your admission process and attain quality career guidance. Directly interact with international education specialists and consultants, and make the best use of one of the best education fairs in Pakistan.

A major benefit is a direct interaction with representatives from leading international universities. You have to keep in mind interaction not only means the representatives will give you important information, but you are also going to ask questions and explain your priorities to the various representatives. You can let them know of your financial obligations, your ambitions, your previous qualifications, all this will enable them to provide you with a truly personalized solution. Due to the scale of the event and numerous representatives being present you will be able to attain personalized possibilities from multiple universities and destinations. This will help you evaluate different options and provide you with a clear direction.

So Karachi what are you waiting for, find out what country is going to be the home for your future career? Join us on the 26th of March.

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