9 Reasons to Choose Education Consultants to Study Abroad

Pakistani students are getting more and more interested in studying abroad for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The trend to choose a foreign country for higher education did not exist if we look over the statics of a couple of decades ago. Government universities in Pakistan used to produce excellent graduates who would perform exceptionally well in any profession. With the increase in the number of private universities and the introduction to a higher tuition fee structure, students slowly started to look for higher education opportunities in foreign countries. This trend has grown so much that nowadays, most of the students prefer to choose a western country to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. The reason to opt for a foreign country as a destination for higher education varies among students but the goal is the same i.e., to receive education in a high-ranked university.

Foreign universities usually have a single intake in the fall semester for their bachelor’s or master’s program, except for a few universities that take admission twice a year. So, it is highly recommended to choose a higher education consultant to help you with the application process. We will list some major reasons to look for a higher education consultant for students who are interested in studying abroad.

  1.   International Applications are Rising – The number of students interested in studying abroad is continuously increasing, which in result increases the competition among students. Some universities even limit the number of seats for international students which further increases the competition. Students are not aware of these trends and if they do not seek assistance from an education consultant, they might not succeed in securing admission. Furthermore, if the university opens admission only once a year, students who do not get an offer late have to wait a whole year before reapplying to the university.
  2.   Direct Relations with the Universities – Education consultants are in direct contact with many universities in the UK, USA, and Australia, etc. and they have links with the faculty and admission office personal. Students applying to foreign universities cannot get an early individual response from the admission office and might lose admission if they do not fulfill certain admission criteria. Education consultants help to bridge this gap. Since they have secured admission to hundreds of students in the past, they can easily guide with the admission process and if they see some requirement is missing, no matter how minor it may be, they can directly highlight it and guide you accordingly.
  3.   Time Saving – Applying for an undergraduate or post-graduate program can be a tedious and time taking process. Students usually apply for a foreign university in the final stages of their intermediate education or undergraduate program, so time is of high importance. If they focus too much on their application process, they might get distracted from their ongoing education and this could lead to bad grades. Handing over the application process to an education consultant means that he will take this responsibility. This allows the students to focus on their ongoing education and exams.
  4.   Visa Assistance – Many students who secure admission to a foreign university might lose the opportunity to study abroad if their visa gets refused. Statistically, most of the students applying directly to a university without the assistance of an education consultant get their visas refused. A Visa application is equally, if not more important, to securing admission to a foreign university. So, it is of high importance that students seek visa assistance help of an education consultant.
  5.   Experience Matters – Since most university offers admissions only once a year, a refusal of admission means that students have to wait a complete year before then can be accepted at any university. Education consultants have years of experience assisting students in securing admission to foreign universities. They know the probability of getting an admission offer by the universities, so they apply for admission accordingly to multiple universities. That way they make sure that students have an offer letter by the end of the day.
  6.   Multiple Options – Students interested in studying abroad are usually interested in a particular education field or a university and have a myopic approach. Education consultants provide multiple options to students and share prospects of their field to let them know the impact of their decision. They also share alternate options relevant to their field of interest so they can easily land a job and settle in a western county upon completion of their education.
  7.   Career Counseling & Coaching – Most students are not sure about their decisions and are interested in studying abroad either because it is trending, or they have been advised by their family. Education consultants can provide complete career guidance and coach such students. They would remove doubts and strengthens the student’s decision for choosing a university for higher education.
  8.   Pre-Departure Services – Moving to a new country can be overwhelming for many people. Most of the students moving abroad for higher education have never visited a foreign country, let alone move and settle in one. Education consultants can assist students in settling in a foreign country by providing all the required information. Since they have sent hundreds of students in the past, they can connect you with students in the respective universities and ease the transition phase.
  9. 9.   Motivation Statement – Good grades during previous education play an important role in securing an admission but sometimes it just is not enough. Most universities give high weightage to student’s statements of purpose for choosing the respective university for higher education and writing a good motivation letter can be difficult sometimes. But with the help of an education consultant, you are guaranteed that you will have a high-quality motivation letter that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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