Good NEWS for International Students Returning to the United Kingdom

The delays in the flights, pushing the admission deadlines further, and deferring the offer of admission are some of the contemporary issues. The Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us especially the academia.


Talking specifically about the United Kingdom there is hope for the returning students as well for various degree programs. The UK government and the administration of the various universities have taken various measures to ensure the continuity of the in-person classes. The pressure that gets build up during the online classes is unmatched. In keeping all the issues faced by the students in the online mode of education, several universities are opting for a hybrid model of education. It includes a mixture of online and in-person classes. The health of the staff and students are of at most importance.


Since the students travel from diverse cultures and various countries in the UK each year. It is impossible to keep the students from making the campuses truly global. The UK government has ensured that the incoming students must go into the quarantine period of 10-days.

The travellers coming from the UK red-listed countries are advised to take precautionary measures of testing themselves before coming in.

I would like to give the advice that the students must:


  • Buy testing kits for themselves while entering the premises of the UK (airports) that would reduce the chance of hustle they might face on the airports as the number of kits are oblivious.
  • The incoming students must go into quarantine for 10-days and they are to be isolated n their dorms. So, they should come mentally prepared if they coming for the coming fall semester.


In the end, the situation is worse still however, the chance of getting into campuses are getting better.

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