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 Applying for scholarships is not a piece of cake and requires tremendous effort from the applicant. It is similar to job applications where one-size-fits-all is absolutely discouraged. Just as a job applicant must avoid sending same generic cover letters to multiple employers, a scholarship applicant should equally create a new application for each potential scholarship programme. As soon as you take your decision to study abroad on a scholarship, you should start your preparation straight away as most of the scholarships take long to be processed and the application deadlines end early as well. With the sky-rocketing college/university fees, scholarships are mandatory for students to pursue higher education. Scholarships carry the tag of prestige and honor for students and it is a continuous gift for life. There are several factors which determine the criteria for scholarship provision to students; for e.g. if they belong to any specific country, they wish to study a certain course; they belong to a particular society/organisation, and many others. Scholarships, thereby, provide an opportunity to all those talented students who might not have attended colleges because of financial constraints. The generosity of scholarship providers paves the way for students in the attainment of a dream degree. At the same time, this sentiment teaches the element of philanthropy to students. The best part about achieving scholarship is that it further motivates an individual to strive for even better; he/she has the zeal to be on the dean’s honor list throughout the academic year, have his/her name engraved on the gold medal, and the list goes on.

Types of scholarships:

You certainly have what it takes to give a chance to a scholarship application. FES believes that education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon that can change the world so there should be nothing in this world that should stop you from acquiring education; therefore, we have listed various types of scholarships that can help you in earning a degree of your choice at an affordable cost. FES can help you find suitable scholarships conforming to your needs as there are a number of scholarships available to students in the form of various types of funding such as grants, prizes, fellowships and several others; and these are fortunately not completely dependent on students’ grades.

  • Academic scholarships:

These scholarships depend solely on students’ grades and their extracurricular academic achievements such as Olympiads, MUNs, conferences etc.

  • Need-based scholarships:

Those students whose families’ income is not at par with a certain standard are awarded these scholarships mostly by the government itself or by the universities themselves.

  • Sports scholarships:

You must have surely heard how ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so get up, pull up your socks and go out to play because if you’re into sports then these sports scholarships are definitely a thing for those who exhibit outstanding accomplishments in sporting activities.

An important point that students must take into consideration is that not all scholarships cover the entire tuition cost and there are scholarships where students have to pay a specific amount of the tuition cost to the college/university; so apply for different scholarships as per your need. FES is at your service as always and has jotted down a few scholarship programmes to suit your different needs, such as a scholarship of $20,000 per year for undergraduates at Dayton University, USA, or a full-fee scholarship at University of Westminster, UK, and last but not the least, you also have the option to avail 25% international scholarships at University of Tasmania in Australia.

Okay, now that you surely must have decided to take the next step by filling up your scholarship application, please make sure that you have made the right choice in deciding the best scholarship programme for yourself. Make a checklist to see if you match the eligibility requirements of the scholarship programme and nothing has gone unnoticed.  Let me reiterate yet again that time is money and you should start this preparation at the earliest to make sure that you are not rushing in and panicking at the deadline hour. Sort out all your previous academic degrees, diplomas, transcripts, etc., your CVs/resumes along with your academic/work reference letters, your language certificates (such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, etc.) and all the other relevant supporting documentation. Put all your documents in order before you start typing away your scholarship application. And yes, please don’t rely entirely on computers; you should never underestimate the power of hard copies of your documents so don’t forget to have the hard copies of each and every document handy because one wrong click and whoosh, your information vanishes in thin air.

C’mon now, get down to work, send that scholarship application to all your dream colleges/universities and wait patiently with your fingers crossed for their positive response. Good luck

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  • Masooma Yasmeen
    March 17, 2020 4:25 pm

    I was in search of scholarship which will help me out in achieving my future goals which are to be a successful woman who will contribute to her country and will do participate in making Pakistan one of the most successful country in the world
    And I am lucky that I came to know about this scholarship I am sure that through this scholarship I will achieve my goals one day.

  • Tauqeer Ahmed
    April 11, 2020 7:15 pm

    Best scholarship provider in Pakistan is one & only FES Higher Education Consultants. Their counselors are very professional in their domains. They guide you for all countries scholarships. Their way of work is brilliant. They can win easily scholarship seat for you.

  • I was in search of scholarship which will help me to achieve my desired goals


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