Student Visa Assistance

What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is a unique stamp put on the student’s passport ensuring entry of the applicant to the enrolled educational institution. Any student seeking higher education in other countries must obtain a permit, a visa. Students get visas from the embassy of the specific country they are applying to.

Most Common Required Documents:

You can start the visa application process after receiving the confirmation of your enrollment in the chosen university. There is a proper process to apply for a student visa to study abroad. The process and documents requirement may vary from country to country. But some standard documents are required while applying to any country. These documents involve past educational certifications, a bank statement, and a valid passport for at least six months. FES is the best student visa Assistance Consultant in Pakistan providing complete student visa guidance ensuring a success rate of 90%.

Eligibility Criteria:

Generally, the student visa eligibility criteria depend on the country you want to apply to. At FES, our visa assistance consultants guide the students and give them complete student visa information. The student is given universities’ options where they can apply for their higher education and help them in their career goals.

Why Choose FES?

FES Higher Education Consultant is the fastest and trustworthy student visa consultancy in Pakistan for students who want to study abroad. We believe in providing quality counseling services to the students while maintaining their trust. FES has expert visa assistance consultants who guide, compile visa files, and keep the student updated about all progress.