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Medicine Explained

Medicine is the field of science dealing with diseases relating to people, their diagnosis, and treatment for the improvement of human health. Medicine is perhaps the oldest field or profession known to mankind. Ever since the inception of the human race, the field of medicine has existed for the treatment of diseases, and injuries, etc. Through time and evolution, we developed modern machinery and medicine for the improvement of human health. Today we have reached a point that almost every known disease and virus can be treated via medical treatment and are looking for a new medicine to prolong human life.

Why Study Medicine

Medicine studies are the most studied field globally and it has a huge domain with many sub-disciplines. Medical studies are extremely beneficial as it teaches students about the human anatomy and helps them understands the operations of the human body. This makes them aware of possible health issues during routine life and helps them live a healthy life by staying ahead of everyone.

The human population is continuously increasing and along with it are diseases and viruses. These circumstances indicate the requirement for a high representation of qualified individuals in the medical field. The current pandemic i.e., Covid-19 has highlighted the importance and benefits of a medical professional. This pandemic had disrupted the whole world trade and travel from New York to London, Hong Kong to Sydney, and Islamabad to Toronto. The whole world was on lockdown with many people facing issues such as bankruptcy, unemployment, and health issues, etc. Doctors were one of the few working professionals who were extremely engaged in this pandemic by treating patients affected by the coronavirus. This highlights the importance of doctors and the field of medicine.

The most driving and important factor for choosing to study medicine abroad is the monetary compensation doctors receive during their practice. Doctors have the highest average salaries in the US and some of the top qualified doctors earn up to 50,000 USD per month. That is over half a million per year in annual income.

The diseases and illnesses are similar throughout the world. So, if you have a degree in medicine and have studied medicine abroad you can directly apply for a work permit in any country that recognizes your medical education. There will be a language barrier if you apply for a country where citizens do not understand or speak English but if you are interested in moving abroad, you can take out time from your routine and learn their language. Some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom require written and clinical exams before you are eligible to work in the respective country. So, it is preferred that you do your homework before choosing a specific field or country for higher education.

Specialization in Medical Studies

A bachelor’s degree in medicine is a general field and students have to choose a specific specialization for a higher qualification. Students can choose a specialization degree after completion of their bachelor’s degree, and it is a four-year residency program. Residency is a different program than other taught subjects. Medical students directly practice their specialization during residency programs and are guided and observed by senior professionals. After completion of the four-year residency program, medical students are awarded a higher degree and can practice privately or in a hospital in their field of specialization.

There are various options available for specialization in the field of medicine and each is a demanding field in medicine. General surgery is one of the most demanding fields in medicine. It is extremely well paid but required a tough and thorough residency. Some women prefer to choose gynecology as their specialization as they can relate more to their respective gender. Other options such as Oncology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Dermatology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Pathology, and Nephrology are also available as specialization after completion of bachelor’s degree.

Studying Abroad

A degree in medicine is highly valued if you study medicine abroad. It is particularly beneficial if you want to study abroad as it gives you the option of acquiring a medical degree from one of the top medical universities in the world. A degree in medicine will allow you to work in any country. Since the target market for students in medical school and medical colleges are the same i.e., sick patients, the skill set developed during studies at higher education institutions can be utilized anywhere in the world.

Who Would Be Suitable for Medicine?

Studying medicine is not an easy task and required lots of effort and hard work. If you are interested in a medicine degree, then you shall prepare yourself for a tough time as it is one of the most demanding professions. The most basic degree in medicine is the MBBS degree which stands for bachelor in medicine / bachelor in surgery and it requires six years to complete. The first five years consists of in-class lecturer and workshops whereas the final year is composed of practical training, also known as house job. Students in the final year of the medical field will complete a whole year of practical training, which involves treating and looking after sick patients. This enables the medical graduates to directly treat the patients upon completion of their medical studies.

Which Medicine Discipline to Choose?

If you have completed your bachelor’s degree in medicine i.e., MBBS degree, and you are not sure which specific discipline to opt for specialization then it is highly recommended that you visit any of our offices located across Pakistan. FES Higher Education Consultants are providing free career and education counseling services to students who are struggling in making a final decision. Our career counselors gather all the relevant information about your preferred choices, educational, and professional background to evaluate and provide you with the best options. We guide our students in choosing the best education program and the country for higher education as it enables them to utilize their maximum potential

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