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College students interested in studying abroad won’t discover a more dynamic, captivating and thrilling area than the United Arab Emirates. Combining youthful enthusiasm for current generation and architecture with a rich cultural history, U.A.E. has a wealth of remarkable points of interest, breathtaking sights and valuable opportunities.

No matter what course of study you select, you’ll discover sufficient historical, scientific and cultural assets that will not only complement your academic adventure, but additionally enrich your perspective.

So why study abroad in the U.A.E.?

In case you are considering studying abroad, right here are some motives why the U.A.E. is an terrific destination.

You could take benefit of a top-notch educational system. The U.A.E. is a kingdom committed to technological development. studying in the U.A.E. will introduce you to some of the very fine educational programs within the world. such as

university of bolton    Skyline University College

Secondly Abu Dhabi and Dubai rank highest in the Arab world for quality of life and infrastructure, according to a survey by the HR consultancy Mercer. For overall quality of life, Abu Dhabi ranks 78th globally – level with last year – while Dubai edged up one place to 73rd, according to Mercer’s rankings.

That puts the two UAE cities ahead of others in the Middle East and North Africa, with the next highest in Mercer’s ranking being Oman, which was placed 103rd.

while you aren’t within the classroom, you can find out about the numerous cultures of the Emirates. you may explore the ancient mosques, visit heritage web sites, and take a look at out contemporary and historic museums.

You can explore the world’s fastest roller coaster is in Abu Dhabi. The roller coaster, called “The Rosso,” can reach a speed of 150 miles per hour in five seconds. The theme park is owned by Ferrari.

Robot camel racing is highly popular. Although football – known as soccer in the U.S. – is the most watched sport in U.A.E., residents of Dubai enjoy robot-mounted camel races. The robots are fashioned to look like little jockeys, with helmets, goggles and racing silks.

Moreover, you could participate in amazing sports which you won’t discover anywhere else in the world. You may play camel polo, shop at the arena’s biggest mall and go on safari inside the abu dhabi barren region. Even if you aren’t a natural adventurer, you may nonetheless experience a thought-boggling array of luxurious sports, like lava shell massage and aerial silk dance .

You may ask how all of this is possible?

FES has been dedicated to introducing students of all socio-economic backgrounds to different global cultures through accessible study abroad programs. There are more than 232 universities in our member network across over 9 countries, and you can participate in different events FES holds in different cities of Pakistan.

To begin your international adventure, visit our office and learn about the different FES member institutions throughout the world, or click here to get into contact with us


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Benefits To Studying Abroad

Studying abroad might be a standout amongst the most useful encounters for a student. By studying abroad, Pakistani students have the chance to study in a foreign nation and take in the charm and culture of another land. Here is a rundown of the main 10 motivations to study abroad!

Life Experience

Why study abroad? For maximum Pakistani students, this time can be the best possibility they ever get to tour overseas for a long time period. Subsequently you’ll discover a job and profession, and the possibility to take a look at overseas may additionally end up a once in a life time opportunity. Take this possibility to travel the arena with no commitments however to observe and study new cultures. studying abroad is an experience in contrast to any other.


Another reason you would possibly bear in mind analyzing overseas is for the danger to enjoy specific sorts of training. By enrolling in our study abroad program at FES you will have the opportunity to see a side of your major that you may now not had been exposed to at home.You’ll discover that absolutely immersing your self within the education system of your host nation is an excellent way to actually enjoy and apprehend the humans, its traditions, and its culture.

Schooling is the center piece of any study abroad experience. It is, after all, a study abroad program and choosing the right school is a very important factor, but you dont have to worry about that because we at FES are here to help you choose the right country and college to study abroad. To know more about universities in study abroad program click here.

Career Opportunities

when you finish your study abroad program and return home, you will go back with a brand new angle on lifestyle, language competencies, a splendid training, and a willingness to study. Pointless to say, all of those are very appealing to future employers.

Many Pakistani students locate that they love their host country so much that they decide to seeking a career there. If you can relate, you will find that a local education will be very valuable when searching for a potential job in that country.

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The Land of Smiles Awaits You!

Figuring out to study abroad is easy but the toughest part is choosing where to study, especially when there are hefty price tags attached to the foreign degrees. But, never mind, FES, the best education consultants for study abroad in Pakistan, has narrowed down your options by selecting an affordable yet an emerging study abroad destination for you with a cheaper fee and lower living cost. So if you are planning on taking this once-in-a-lifetime journey without having to spend loads then there is an excellent chance for you to explore Thailand.

The dichotomous blend of contemporary and ancient culture of Thailand is a perfect fit for everyone, which means there is ample chance throughout the year to indulge in exciting activities (i.e. obviously when you’re not studying. Mind it!). Students can rejuvenate themselves and fuel their wanderlust once they get free from their monotonous university life by hopping on the low-cost budget airlines and travel to the countries situated nearby Thailand. They can take a break from their regular grind by exploring the world’s largest cave in Vietnam, to the southeast of Thailand, or travel to the south to appreciate the skyline and capture the spires of Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Students can also experience the memories of their incredible adventures in neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and not to forget the other Southeast Asian countries which are close by as well.


FES believes that students should embrace every opportunity that comes their way and now that you would have had a fairly clear glimpse into what Thailand has in store of you then grab the offer to get enrolled in the University of Webster either in the heart of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand or in Thailand’s rural side in the small town by the beach, Cha-Am / Hua Hin.  The two campuses of this global American university in Thailand welcome both undergraduate and graduate international students from over sixty countries, thus creating a diverse atmosphere for learning while obtaining an accredited American degree. The University of Webster takes pride in being a truly global university and has a widespread network across the four continents of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It offers a distinct range of undergraduate and graduate degrees ranging from Business Administration, Media Communications, Psychology, MBA, International Relations to Teaching English as Second Language and many more. University of Webster’s degrees are taught by exceptionally experienced faculty members who share their knowledge devotedly with the students enabling them to gain real-world experience. Discover the academic excellence at the University of Webster Thailand and become the global leaders of tomorrow.


International students receive a warm welcome in Thailand because of the friendliness of their local Thai people; no wonder it is popularly known as the “Land of Smiles”. This is not the only reason for you to opt to study abroad in Thailand; there are plenty of other benefits and reasons for you to make Thailand your study abroad destination. The budget-friendly cost of accommodation, food and transportation suits every pocket and you won’t have to empty your piggy bank at the end of the month to pay your bills. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step, fill up the admission form, pick up your passport and fly away to Thailand.


Live the Aussie dream

Are you about to end your high-school? Have you recently graduated and thinking about pursuing a foreign degree? Do you aspire to study abroad in australia? Pause! Pack your bags and get ready for the most rewarding experience of your lifetime in Australia; there is arguably no better place to study than the best education powerhouse of the world. Australia is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations because it hosts more than six of the highly-ranked universities of the world. These study abroad programmes in Australia open endless doors of opportunities for international students and that is why students are more determined to study in Australia in the recent years.

Australian Flag - study abroad in australia

Australia loves to welcome international students and you would not be surprised to know that approximately more than 500,000 international students decided to get enrolled in Australian universities in the previous year; this speaks volumes about the quality of education they offer. The Australian universities cater to all the aspiring students by offering numerous undergraduate and graduate degree options to them. The study abroad stay in Australia of our Pakistani students becomes easier because of the diverse Australian culture, and similarly, it helps our students to adapt to the Australian lifestyle both culturally and linguistically.

Australia offers myriad facilities to students planning to make Australia their study abroad destination by being comparatively cheaper than the United States and the United Kingdom. The low cost of tuition along with the considerably lower living expenses makes Australia the best available choice to the Pakistani students wishing to study abroad. Other than that, Pakistani students can also avail the advantage of working part-time and simultaneously gain work experience during their study abroad stay in Australia. The Australian qualification gives you extra brownie points while landing a job back in your home country and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd due to the fact that Pakistan has an immense preference and job market for foreign degrees.

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We at FES are pretty sure that by now you must be planning to catch the first available flight to Australia, but at the same time you must be confused regarding your university choice; do not fret about it, our consultants for higher education abroad have chosen the University of Tasmania as the best possible option for you.

Australia boasts the historical and globally renowned University of Tasmania, dating back a century and a half. Being one of the oldest universities in Australia, UTAS provides a wide array of courses to its students.  The University of Tasmania is among the top 2% of the international universities because of its excellence in teaching, research as well as their high caliber and standard of education. The University of Tasmania takes pride in providing financial support and scholarships to the international undergraduate and graduate students. UTAS is definitely the best study abroad option and ticks all the right boxes as it is committed to develop future global leaders. Tasmania is the best of both worlds of vibrant lifestyle as well as its serene beauty and nature, which means that you will never have a dull moment when you’re not studying.

UTAS - study abroad in Australia - FES

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It is time to soak up the lifestyle of the land Down Under and bring back countless memories to your home country. Ta mates!



The dearth of educational facilities and education consultants in Pakistan has given rise to the prevalent trend of foreign degrees, therefore making education the most promising business proposition in Pakistan.
While our colleges and universities proclaim of awarding ‘professional’ degrees to students, they fail to nurture and develop a skilled manpower that is ready to face the competitive global market. Our impaired education system is what is pushing the students to apply for foreign degrees. Why do you think our Sunday classifieds are filled with more advertisements of study abroad programmes and expos featuring international universities instead of our own local universities? A point to ponder!
Unfortunately, Pakistan’s education sector is in the doldrums; we need a massive educational overhaul or else we would be losing our talented students to the West. Pakistani students are flocking to the international universities because they believe that there is a vast job market for foreign degrees and a foreign degree is an added feather to their cap; it translates into better employment opportunities in their home country. Our students have a conviction that it would add value to their resumes and CVs. Due to this reason, they are ready to pay not only the fees for their degrees but are willing to invest in their future by believing in the education consultants in Pakistan.
Although the whole world is just a click away and getting admission in foreign universities seems convenient but professional assistance by study abroad consultants and foreign universities’ representatives in Pakistan is mandatory in guiding the students to the right path.
The constant guidance by the qualified education counselors throughout the admission journey in selecting courses and degrees conforming to the students’ personal interest makes it easier for the students to understand their potential. These consultants for higher education abroad truly understand the student’s ordeal of filing the application and all the other problems faced by them during the whole admission process. Therefore, they play a vital role in saving time and effort of the students by undertaking the painstaking task in their own hands. The education consultants in Pakistan help students jump over all the obstacles blocking their way and assist them in securing their future.
Educational reforms are the need of the hour; government, colleges and universities in
Pakistan should either work towards investment in the education sector or just simply
collaborate with the registered study abroad consultants in Pakistan to ease the difficulties faced by the students in securing their future. Benjamin Franklin aptly said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.