The top study abroad destinations for language learning

You should think about studying abroad if you plan to earn a degree in literature, foreign languages, or both. While having direct access to the academic materials and local research that will aid in your interpretation and understanding of the literary culture, you will acquire first-hand, intensive experience with the regional language and dialects. Here are a few of the top locations to start your global education.

1. France

Not only are some of the finest poets, novelists, and essayists in history from France, but numerous exiles also created some of their best works of literature while living there and subsequently. (Paris was a major influence on the writings of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, and Richard Wright.) You can learn the language and culture of a very influential and culturally significant nation by studying abroad in France.

2. Germany

With good reason, Germany is one of the most well-liked study abroad locations in the world. Germany provides international students with a wealth of academic and professional development opportunities, regardless of their major. Additionally, it is a very interesting and diverse atmosphere for literary students. Among the most admired and well-known authors from Germany are Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Berthold Brecht.

3. Italy

It is impossible to find a more stunning or inspiring place to study languages and literature than Italy. Students can immerse themselves in an area that gave birth to Giovanni Boccaccio, Elena Ferrante, and Dario Fo thanks to its plethora of libraries, variety of museums, and stunning environment.

4. Spain

Right in the centre of Pamplona, study Spanish and its regional accents! Take inspiration from the magnificent cathedrals while taking part in summertime events like the San Fermin Festival, which is held every year from July 6–14.

5. Japan

For ages, artists all around the world have been affected by the rich historic literary culture of Japan. The Spring International Literary Festival in Tokyo annually honours the nation’s devotion for literature.

6. England, United Kingdom

The home of the poet himself is the ideal location to study English literature. While enjoying London’s many cultural attractions, get to know some of the great authors of the past and present.

7. Australia

With a thriving publishing business and some of the most well-known and recognised authors in the world, Australia is one of the most dynamic countries in terms of literature. Particularly Melbourne is a creative hotspot with one of the biggest libraries in the country. Additionally, it has been named a City of Literature by UNESCO. Furthermore, there is no finer or more resource-rich area to examine the writings and ideas of Indigenous Australian authors.

8. Finland

Finnish is one of the hardest languages to learn, so those who want to speak it fluently would do well to head straight for the centre of the country! You will have the chance to study some of the most influential modern and classic works of Finnish literature as well as learn the language and experience Finnish culture firsthand while studying abroad in Finland. You will also be able to observe how Finnish folklore continues to have a profound impact on contemporary authors.

9. China

Chinese literary culture offers much to classical literature students, but studying abroad in China also has many practical and professional benefits. Studying Chinese literature and languages will help international students better comprehend a country that is emerging as a major economic force and may give them an edge in a crowded employment market.

10. South Korea

Learning about the language and culture of South Korea is just a wise professional move as the country develops into a more powerful economic, technological, and cultural force. You can access unique and priceless intellectual and cultural resources by studying abroad in South Korea, which could help you stand out as a standout applicant for jobs.

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