Trending MS Programs in Canada

Want to study for a masters in Canada? Wondering what subject to study for a Master’s degree in Canada? Well don’t worry we at FES got you covered. We provide our clients with effective guidance. Masters degrees in Canada are some of the most sought after postgraduate qualifications. Masters degrees in Canada are of high quality for two major reasons:

  1. University Faculty: Universities all over Canada have invested in highly qualified faculty and this provides the students with an extremely rewarding academic experience.
  2. Teaching Approach: The teaching approach of Masters degrees in Canada adds value to the graduates through the mixture of industry based learning and classroom based learning.

Below are the popular fields for Masters degrees in Canada. If you are looking for a specific kind of Masters from a specific university you should reach out to our team. They will help you find the right path in all the fields below and others as well.

Computer Science Masters degrees in Canada:

Canadian universities offer a wide range of Computer Science qualifications. The degrees and specialisations vary from data science to robotics to cloud computing and systems. Majority of the degrees cover a generous scope of theoretical knowledge. Along with theory most programs cover practical aspects as well, while providing students with the perfect balance between theory and practice. Canada’s universities are providing up to date education in computer sciences and other IT fields. Attaining a Masters degree in Canada is going to put you above the rest. Computer Science graduates are in high demand, this means a lot of opportunities for both part time and full time employment. A lof of students in his field manage to secure part time work during their degrees as well. Unlike other degree programs, students of these degrees tend to land part time jobs in their field of study.

Civil Engineering Masters degrees in Canada

If you are a qualified engineer in Pakistan the prospects of landing on a decent career pathway is going to be very difficult. A Masters degree from abroad is probably going to be the best way to provide you with enhanced career prospects and ways to settle down abroad.  Being enrolled in a Civil Engineering programme at a Canadian university will do exactly that. It will not help you drastically improve your career prospects but it will provide you with an excellent opportunity to settle down in Canada. Civil engineering in Canada will provide you the expertise of sustainable urban development and planning. It will enhance your ability to be an engineer by equipping you with the knowledge to tackle future trends, and challenges.

Public Health Masters degrees in Canada

Having one of the best socialised health care systems in the world Canada is an ideal place to learn the complexities of public health. Not only will you learn about the management of public health, but you will be able to see, first hand the effects of a well organised public health care system. Master’s degrees in Canada for public health work is a sought after profession. Because of the pandemic the demand for improvements in the healthcare system is also required. This is one of the major reasons many hospitals and public health facilities in Canada are turning to universities for help. This provides students of Masters programs in this field with the opportunity to work on projects which provide them with actual practical experience.  

Finance Masters degrees in Canada

Canada has one of the strongest economies in the developed world. The blend of a socialist and capitalist economic systems provides the economy with a pretty solid and well managed financial system. To run this highly developed and considerably large financial system, Canada demands professionals in the fields of accounting and finance. This makes finance and related fields as sought after qualification within Canada.

Study Human Resource Management in Canada

With the rise in imiigration that too skilled migration Canada is taking in a lot of qualified individuals in its country. This coupled with a strong economy is helping to create industries which are on the rise on a daily basis. To manage all this growth in human skills and talent Canadian companies need qualified Human resource managers. These managers will create the backbone of recruitment all over the country. Due to the increase in diversity, firms also need qualified human resource managers to manage and promote diversity. This creates a huge demand for HR professionals in Canada. Studying or enrolling in a Masters degree in human resource management in Canada is going to place you in a class of your own. It will not only open doors for you but help you accelerate the growth of your creer.

Mechanical Engineering degrees in Canada

Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering at a university in Canada, will expose you to a world-class bank of knowledge and experience. WIth leading engineering schools, Canadian engineering qualifications are one definite way to add steroids to your career ambitions. A Masters degree in any field in Canada is going to provide you with a lot of advantages but a Masters degree in mechanical engineering is a highly sought after profession all over Canada. With the rise of computers integrating with machines all over the world, a mechanical engineering degree is going to provide you with a very strong foundation for a long and prosperous career. Not only that, just like other engineering degrees this will also help you settle down in Canada.

Study Pharmacy degrees in Canada

Master’s degrees in Pharmacy provided by universities in Canada cover several specialisations such as drug and vaccine delivery, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-technology, molecular biology, clinical pharmacy, or pharmacy education. The universities will provide you access to state of the art research facilities and provide you faculty members who not only are well versed in the theoretical aspects of the field but also have a wide range of practical experience.

Study Electrical Engineering degrees in Canada

A Masters degree in electrical engineering is going to turn your engineering career into a success story. Electrical Engineering Master’s degree in Canada will combine general Engineering knowledge with design projects and a lot of laboratory work.

All the above mentioned degrees are highly sought after. As a student it is your job to identify the field that you are interested in the most. Our team of consultants can help you with the entire application process, everything from managing the deadlines to cost and enrolment. Our team has you covered.

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