Trending MS Programs in USA

Studying abroad is an ambition of many students, especially for Pakistani students. We at FES prides ourselves in being a great guide for students with these ambitions. A lot of the students which use our services inquire and show a lot of intrigue in the United States of America. Known as the land of opportunity USA has a lot to offer and is a place a lot of people want to go to.

However, it is necessary you go there and land yourself in actual opportunities not just in a land known to have opportunities. You need to make sure the degree you picked and the program you enrolled is actually worth something. It should be something you consider and think about properly before you start your applications. This is why we at FES have started to analyse the types of degrees that will add the most value in the lives of students. 

Our team of experienced consultants have compiled a list of leading MS programs in the US. 

The following list analyses best master’s degrees in the USA. Each degree is assessed on a criteria based on future career prospects and median income. This will show you the return on investment on each degree as well. 

1. Information Systems (IS)

The best master’s degrees in information systems offer the greatest amount of value to students. The programs are designed to not only provide in-depth knowledge about computers but also various management systems. You can consider this to be a combination of both MBAs and IS. Universities even offer personalised courses where students can attain both expertise at the same time. Another advantage of such a degree is that it is one of the most practical or experience based learning programs out there. Leading universities have made a major goal to teach and feature a customizable curriculum that confers an MBA but emphasises industry-leading business intelligence software. On the job, computer and provide a totally immersive learning experience with a blend of both theoretical frameworks and practical work. Systems managers determine their employer’s computer needs, ensure network security, and direct other IT professionals. They also work with technology providers to attain the best quotation. Additionally, they stay current on the latest technology trends by performing original research and networking with peers.

Average Salary: $146,360

Possible Jobs: Information Technology (IT) manager, software engineer, systems analyst

2. Petroleum Engineering

Even though the US is one of the loudest advocates of sustainable practices. The demand for petroleum engineers is still quite high. Being one of the best master’s degrees plays a significant role in extracting oil and natural gas from deposits deep below the ground. Job duties mainly include surveying drilling sites, creating plans for drilling operations, and ensuring other workers’ safety. They also collaborate with geologists to discover potential drilling obstacles and solutions. Drilling engineers oversee the drilling process and limit drilling’s environmental impact, while production engineers run active wells.

Average Salary: $137,720

Possible Jobs: Petroleum geologist, production engineer, reservoir engineer

3. Marketing

One of the biggest buzzwords in business is the degree of buzzwords and branding wizards. Marketing programs are becoming more and more essential as the world moves towards more and more mass production. The best master’s programs in marketing prepare graduates for different career paths in the marketing field. Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers develop promotional campaigns, design website layouts, and work one-on-one with clients to provide marketing advice. Promotion managers use a similar skill set to design effective physical and digital advertising.

Average Salary: $135,900

Possible Jobs: Marketing manager, advertising/promotions manager, creative director

4. Finance

Finance managers are also in high demand. Especially in the US, the home country of Wall Street and all the major hedge funds and investment banks. The best finance graduate degrees comand knowledge and skills that students need to succeed as finance directors, finance managers, or analysts. These professionals help their employers increase profits by researching financial performance, supervising employees’ work, and analysing financial trends. Other job responsibilities include giving reports to company executives and staying current on regulations and laws that affect their company’s financial health. Additionally, financial professionals can specialise in risk management, insurance, or credit markets.

Average Salary: $129,890

Possible Jobs: Finance director, finance manager, financial analyst

5. Nurse Anaesthesia

Nurse anaesthetists support other medical professionals when patients undergo anaesthesia during a surgery or other procedure. Before a procedure, they talk with patients and their families concerning medications, allergies, and other pertinent medical information. During the procedure, they administer anaesthesia and closely monitor patients’ vital signs. Doing so allows them to adjust the amount of anaesthesia medication so that patients do not wake up or experience pain.

Median Salary: $115,800

Possible Jobs: Nurse anesthetist

6. Computer Science

One of the most valuable master’s degrees, computer science trains learners for careers as computer and information research scientists or software developers. Research scientists solve computing problems, develop and modify coding languages, and perform experiments to test new software. Like academics, they publish their findings in professional journals. Software developers work with clients to create and update software. The job requires workers to collaborate with other developers to design new features and troubleshoot problems.

Average Salary: $105,590

Possible Jobs: Computer and information research scientist, software developer

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