Why the US is a unique study experience for international students

America known as the land of opportunity is an entity that has fascinated numerous minds. Be it hollywood movies, the news media or just the all culture of globalisation, America is something that 

Studying in the US is a great option for students from Pakistan wanting to study abroad. Education in the United States offers graduates a great window of opportunity, access to the world’s largest economy. This access provides students with a chance to realise their true potential. Education in the United States adds value to a student’s knowledge, profile and career prospects. Universities in the USA specialise in providing a proactive learning environment where students can enhance their expertise.

Top Reasons Why International Students Want to Study in the US

  1. Economy: You cannot discount the fact the US is the largest economy in the world. This provides students with access to a lot of jobs. During their study students will be able to attain plenty of part time opportunities. These jobs help support many students with tuition and living expenses.
  2. Career Prospects: The healthy economy and its size provides students with strong career prospects. From medical to financial services the American economy can easily accommodate ambitious and talented graduates, because most American corporations and businesses prefer that their employees have gotten education in the United States of America.
  3. University Rankings: The US is full of universities which enjoy high rankings globally. Graduates from the US not only enjoy prestige within the US but also enjoy the same sort of leverage all over the world.
  4. Diversity: The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. International students from all over the globe come to the U.S. for college. If you study in the United States, you will have the opportunity to learn new languages, meet new friends and experience new cultures each day.
  5. Support for international students: United States universities offer a variety of services to help international students both inside and outside of the classroom. Most schools have offices dedicated to international student services. These offices can assist you with English-language skills, visa issues, financial aid and even cultural adjustment while you study abroad in the U.S. In addition, American universities offer many other resources for students, from career services to mental health services.
  6. Classroom experience: As technology continues to innovate and change the way that information is delivered, university classrooms are trying to keep in step with the rapid acceleration of ideas. By giving students more access to web-based classes, utilising computer-based tests, and allowing students to use different labs and resources, universities are able to give you the latest and most modern classroom experience that you can imagine.

Why is the US a unique study experience?

The US offers a unique experience largely due to the fact that America is a melting pot of culture around the world. In terms of the western world USA is considered to be one of the most culturally assimilated societies out there. Cultural assimilation means that people with different cultures and backgrounds have easily integrated themselves with the American way of life. Yes there are some racist undertones in the country but largely the country is open minded and welcoming. This allows international students to travel easily, get jobs, land solid internships and gain vital educational and professional experiences. 

Reasons Why Students Think USA Is The Holy Grail of Higher education

Some of the most valued international universities are in the U.S.: Approximately fifty percent of the world’s top 50 universities are located in the U.S., due to small class sizes, highly accredited professors, and advanced technology and research capabilities.

Study any subject you can think of: Whether you want to study Computer Science and become the next tech genius, get a degree in Engineering and invent innovative solutions, or study Business and learn how money makes the world go round, you’ll surely become an expert in your field. 

U.S. universities have engaging campuses: University campuses in the U.S. offer a combination of excitement and calm in terms of experience. They have facilities for sports, academics and leisure activities. Even if you do not live on campus you would be able to experience a great lifestyle as the cities and towns hosting major universities are student friendly and provide excellent services to students. And that’s not all you can do. All campuses include lots of facilities meant to offer students a relaxing and entertaining time while they are not in class or involved in assignments and study.

You can easily overcome culture shock in the USA: America has always welcomed a multicultural environment so, although you might have a bit of a cultural shock at the beginning, you’ll soon adapt to any American town or big city. The truth is you won’t feel like a stranger and if you look around, you’ll see you’re not the only newcomer in town.On the bright side, U.S. universities support cultural diversity and in this respect, organise various social and cultural activities.

Guaranteed successful career after graduation: Studying abroad in the USA will offer a competitive edge once you enter the job market. Interacting with a diverse range of people while studying in the USA will enhance your ability to interact with people from other cultures and analyse issues with a global perspective.

Learn self-reliance from independently minded people: Americas pick yourself up by the bootstrap attitude provides a great foundation for a independent mindset. International students from all over the world participate in the American economy, gain a lot of exposure (both academic and industry).

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