FES Study Abroad Consultants was established in 2003 to provide reliable and value-added education consultancy services to students who wish to pursue further education in foreign universities with the help of our foreign study specialists.

The idea of establishing a quality educational consultancy firm was initially generated aftermarket analysis revealed that many education consultants have failed to provide the right direction to the students whose sole purpose was to go abroad for higher studies. These students require the right direction in terms of the right choices at the right time to take admissions in the courses and universities which are relevant to their previous education, further progression of their previous studies, match with their work experience and help them achieve their career goals.

Since 2003, FES study abroad consultants are in the field of career counseling and student placement catering to the needs of our international students from our twelve established offices located in four countries i.e. Pakistan, UK, UAE, and Malaysia. Our expertise in the field of foreign study education has made us a time-tested resource for students in securing admission that commensurate well with their aspirations and credentials in an array of esteemed universities ranging from the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Hungary, Indonesia, New Zealand.

At FES Study Abroad Consultants, we have foreign study specialists and a team of local qualified education advisors and counselors who provide professional guidance to the students and their parents/ sponsors. Our strong ‘ student-centered approach to counseling means; we provide students with complete information on all available options to assist them to make the right decisions at the right time to have a long-term positive impact on their career goals.


Our foreign study specialists vision is to become the leading education consultancy firm in the country by providing superior quality services to our students, their parents, local and foreign educational partners with honesty, integrity, and mutual satisfaction.


FES study abroad consultants’ mission is to help students realize their individual career goals through arranging admission for them in quality educational institutions abroad in the courses that best fit their previous education, experience, and career goals, in the institute of their choice and country of their preference. We strive to assist them to go through the admission and visa application process smoothly by advising them to provide authentic statements, documents, and financials. This, in turn, will also aid our partner institutions in recruiting genuine and serious students and help the local community and society by fair, legal, and ethical business practices.


FES Study Abroad Consultants as a bridge plays an important and a major role in the flow of information and exchange of communication between them. Our foreign study specialists arrange Educational Expos annually, Educational Events, and recruitment drives throughout the year, to bring students, their parents, and the representatives of the foreign universities together under one roof to ensure the provision of all the information to the students and for the institutions to have an opportunity of direct interaction with students before admission decision.


FES Summary

21 Years of Experience17%
14 Offices in Pakistan, UAE, Malaysia & UK88%
13 Countries17%
170+ Universities & Colleges85%
10000+ Students97%
95% Visa Success Rate95%
100% Students Centered Process100%
1 to 1 Personalized Counseling100%


Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 06:00PM
Saturday 12:00PM to 05:00PM
Sunday: Closed


Focusing on quality and the credibility of our services is an essential part of who we are and how we conduct our business. We started with a dream; to be able to provide the youth with better opportunities of life, with new vistas of exposure to the international curriculum and this has now become a commitment and dedication in our lives. FES Study abroad consultants is envisioned with providing reliable and value-added consultancy services to the aspirants of foreign education. Our foreign study specialists believe in guiding and counseling the youth to make the right decisions by understanding their educational needs and financial constraints, their interests, and inclination to best match the courses in the international institutes.

Our purpose is to recruit international students for quality educational institutions worldwide by providing a professional service to prospective students in selecting the most appropriate course and institution for career betterment.

Syed Tehsin Shah

President & CEO