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Choosing the right option

In this competitive world, choosing the right career and the right institute is a vital decision that stays with you for life. FES Higher Education Consultants makes sure that the optimum decision is made for your career and education goals. FES offers the following services:

Education and Career Counselling

Education Counselling services are provided to all the students for free. Our experienced counsellors are equipped with latest information and are dedicated to guide the students.

Choosing the right institute depends a lot on the choosing the right career for yourself. Our Career and Educational Counsellors have over a decade of experience in monitoring and understanding the job market trends. This analysis makes our team the one to go to for making the right career goal for your future.

Admission Guidance

Admission process is a hassle for majority of the students, but it doesn’t have to be one. Our Admissions team makes it very easy for you to submit your application and apply for institutes around the globe. We have the admissions criteria at our finger tips, so you don’t miss out on important details required for your admission.

Visa Filing

Visas are tricky. There are long checklists, dozens of documents to attach and making sure everything is in order. Our experienced Visa Filing Team has been providing services for over the past decade. FES takes each case seriously and puts in all efforts to make sure your visa is approved.

Post Departure Support

Once you make all the important decisions, and are ready to fly away to your bright future, our job is not done yet. We make sure our students are well settled in the new environment and are ready to achieve their academic goals. 

Our Process

Visit our Office

Visit any of our branches in:

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Peshawar
  • Abbottabad
  • Karachi
Find a Counsellor

A counsellor will be assigned to you who will look after your process from the first step.

Research and Apply

After a thorough research, apply to shortlisted institutes. FES will assist you throughout all the steps.

Start your education

Once selected, file for visa and take the first step towards your education and future.

Rest Assured, Your Education and Career are Covered

With over 800 universities in over 7 countries; finding the right choice for you is as easy as it gets. Just meet our guidance counsellors today and get counselled for free.

Get Started Today

Get started today because tomorrow is your future. 

Most of the students who ended up getting scholarships have been in touch with us for over a year.

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