Medical Examination for a Student Visa

Why do you need a Health Examination Test?

Precautionary health tests for viral and non-viral diseases have been a  part of the student visa process to study abroad. These tests are conducted to determine if any infectious disease is existent in the student so that it is identified before the entry. Generally, the examination test depends upon the country one is applying to. Due to the Pandemic certain increase in the medical tests for the student visa is there. Some universities now require a full body checkup, and some require the examination report of a specific disease. So it varies from country to country you are applying to.

Standard Medical Tests:

The medical examination tests depend upon the medical criteria of the country you are applying to. Most standard medical examination test for a student visa to study abroad includes:

  1. Tuberculosis (TB)
  2. Blood test
  3. Full body health and fitness tests.

Do Disabled Qualify For A Student Visa?

There are different policies of different countries for disable students. Some countries induct disable international applicants as students, but some countries like Australia mostly don’t qualify students with disabilities.

Where Is The Test Held?

Every embassy has its own panel and clinics. The country in which you are applying recommends the panel and clinics for a health examination. Students are advised to check the relevant doctors or clinics or visit FES Higher Education Consultants Pakistan for further details regarding studying abroad.

How Long Are Your Medical Tests Valid?

Your medical examination tests are valid for a specific period of time. But if a student wishes to defer his intake, he/she might need to get the tests done again.