Visa Interview Preparation

What is a Visa Interview?

A Visa interview is a way by which the visa officers check the credibility of the student. It is a crucial part of a student’s visa application. FES visa interview guides have helped thousands of students with their remarkable strategies, which helped them succeed in their visa interviews.

How to Prepare for a Study Visa Interview?

Even though there are no specific ways to succeed in the interviews. However, over the years has devised a strategic preparation programme that enhances the applicant’s ability to respond and understand the interviewer. The most critical aspect of preparing for an interview is to improve your communication and language skills. For that, FES conducts mock sessions between the applicants and our experts, helping them to reduce the fear and anxiety of the interview and assist them in looking into their negative and positive traits. Our experts help you in coping with your interview anxiety.

Most common questions asked:

During the visa interview, the officers ask different questions about you and your selected course. For example, why are you choosing this university? The reason for choosing the country, etc.?  Mainly they test whether the student is genuine or not. FES admission guidance team assists the student in each step of the process preparing him or her in a manner that makes them competent in dealing with all queries.