Top 5 engineering universities in Australia

Any student who wants to comprehend how the world is made and who wants to work in a field like construction, business, transportation, or government should consider getting a degree in engineering.

Engineering students in Australian universities have a variety of specialisation options, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, and more. In order to further specialise before entering the workforce, many students decide to continue on for a postgraduate programme.

Many engineering degrees need work experience, and some even include a year in the workplace as part of the curriculum.

Below are the best universities in Australia for engineering degrees.

5. The University of Queensland

Students must pass the required “Get Set Quiz” before enrolling in an engineering course at The University of Queensland to get a sense of the prerequisite knowledge they will need.

In the first year of the undergraduate programme, students can take courses in any of the six available engineering specialties before deciding on one to concentrate in.

Before graduating, every engineering student must complete 450 hours of engineering professional practice (EPP) and present five reflections. In order to prepare students for employment following graduation, these hours consist of real-world industrial engineering practice.

Additionally, students have the option of taking one or more semesters of study abroad. Students can select from a wide range of cultures thanks to the University of Queensland’s affiliations with more than 150 universities in 37 different countries.

Skirts in Engineering, the Australian Computer Society, and the esteemed Engineers Australia are a few of the university’s engineering-related student organisations.

4. University of Sydney

At the University of Sydney, there are seven different engineering schools: civil, computer science, electrical and information engineering, mechanical, aerospace, and mechatronic. There are other schools for biomedical, chemical, and biomolecular engineering.

Both undergraduate and graduate courses are offered at these institutions.

With the assistance of the university’s network of more than 1,200 industry partners, the University of Sydney encourages its students to do internships and work placements while pursuing their degrees. The department also provides an opportunity to spend a year or a semester studying and conducting research abroad.

For engineering students, there are numerous organisations and groups that cover anything from civil engineering to motor sports. In events like the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia competition, where students design, build, and race an automobile, students can also enter themselves. Undergraduate students can enter a competition in collaboration with Dymocks Australia and have a chance to win $5,000 by coming up with creative answers to problems.

3. University of Melbourne

Undergraduates at the University of Melbourne have the option of majoring in engineering after selecting a bachelor of science, design, or biomedicine.

Students must complete a two-year master of engineering degree in their chosen specialisation to become an internationally recognised engineer.

Biomedical, chemical and biochemical, civil, electrical, energy, mechanical, and other engineering specialisations are available.

Students at the University of Melbourne have access to the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Center, which offers a variety of masterclasses, workshops, and pitch events to assist students in launching their company ideas.

The AOTULE network, which offers chances for exchange at several engineering schools in Asia and Oceania, includes the Faculty of Engineering as a partner.

2. Monash University

The common first year of the Monash University bachelor of engineering programme introduces students to the principles of engineering and its place in society.

To assist them in choosing which field to concentrate on from second year ahead, all first-year engineering students take classes in nine engineering specialisations.

Aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical and computer systems, environmental, materials, mechanical, robotics and mechatronics, and software are among the engineering specialisations.

Chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineering are the five engineering branches available for the two-year master’s degree. All master’s students must complete 12 weeks of CPD, which may include volunteering, career counselling, field trips, and industrial work experience.

The Clayton Campus in Melbourne and the School of Engineering in Malaysia are the two main locations of Monash University. Students at either school have the chance to travel and engage with both.

1. UNSW Sydney

Eight different engineering programmes are offered at UNSW Sydney: biomedical, chemical, civil, and environmental, computer science, electrical and telecommunication, mechanical and manufacturing, minerals and energy resources, and photovoltaic and renewable energy.

More than 20 undergraduate degrees are offered by these institutions.

The majority of engineering bachelor’s degrees at UNSW Sydney include a 60-day internship. For individuals who haven’t chosen a specialisation yet, the college also provides a flexible first-year degree programme. Alternatively, students who are clear about the area of engineering they want to study may select a degree programme that is more narrowly focused.

There are a variety of postgraduate courses available, including ones in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and telecommunications. All postgraduate students must finish a thesis during their degree programme that is based on their unique research interests.

In addition to mechatronics, robotics, and women in renewable energy societies, there is a student organisation for each engineering school.

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