Education System in the UK & its Currency

UK countries have separate education systems under separate governments overlooking matters on schooling. England falls under the responsibility of the United Kingdom’s government. Whilst Northern Ireland, Welsh, and the Scottish government are responsible for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland respectively. The Program for International Student Assessment formulated to evaluate educational systems has established UK’s standing as 13th in the world based on overall knowledge and skills in the field of mathematics and sciences. In 2020/ 21, UK spent approximately 96 billion British pounds on education, 31 billion of which was spent on pre-primary and primary education while 48 billion of which was spent on secondary education. Besides world-class education, studying in the UK allows one to experience a new culture and network with professional scholars from all over the world who endeavor to foster skills assisting in career development. From world-class universities to innovative teachings and intellectual minds who consign it, UK has every repository needed to reach your full potential.

UK Financial Support Programs for Education

There are various financial backed options available in the UK to help support studies in the form of scholarships, bursaries, grants, loans, financial awards, and fellowships. Financial support can help a dream come true, be it pursuing a career, starting personal businesses, or bringing communal changes. It’s all about the right opportunity meant for transforming lives. Hundreds of support programs and student scholarships in the United Kingdom are offered every year to support needy students.

Eligibility Programs

The UK offers many top degrees in various fields. Government Student Support provision conforms to all UK countries: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Whales, and England. Guidance to get scholarship is therefore necessary. Eligibility rules are broadly similar in each case. After confirming eligibility criteria, relevant government authorities assess the applicant’s and his family’s income to calculate the levels of support. Information on the same is covered in the guide issued by the relevant agency of the government. One can also apply for further financial assistance if the source of income is meager. Additional government support includes Learning funds (England), Financial Contingency Funds (Wales), Support Funds (Northern Ireland), and Discretionary Funds (Scotland). Eligibility programs mainly fall into two categories: undergraduate and postgraduate.

Undergraduate Student Support

It is available only if a person is studying on an assigned course, namely:

  1. An undergraduate degree.
  2. A Higher National Diploma.
  3. A Diploma of Higher Education.
  4. A teacher training course.

Factors Initiating Ineligibility

Awards are normally applied through the concerned academic department at which one intends to study and are usually competitive. However, in all cases, a person is considered ineligible, if he has previously received Student Support (or a mandatory award) to study a higher education course. The same applies if one has already studied a course at a lower level or even at the same level including qualifications obtained from other countries.

Scholarship Programs

Quality comes with quantity, in terms of money, and usually is expensive. Many international students find it difficult to sustain such education financially to cover their study and living costs fully or partially in the United Kingdom. When it comes to applying for the best scholarships in the UK from the government, especially the ones which are good and generous financially, the competition is very tough. Scholarships in the UK take into consideration many requirements, the academic record being one of them. Top UK government scholarships are offered by many universities. Some of the highly recommended universities for top UK government scholarship applications are The University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, College of Science and Engineering, Cass Business School, Kent Business School, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science and University College London. Guidance to get scholarship or complete scholarship information is given below:       

  1.   The Chevening Scholarships – These are the scholarships offered to students by the UK government who possess impressive academic results and have inspiring leadership qualities. Future leaders and decision-makers have the prospect to develop professionally, experience the UK culture, and reinvigorate themselves. Over 1500 Chevening Scholarships are given every year, enabling students to undergo a one-year Masters’ degree at any of the United Kingdom’s leading universities. Chevening Scholarships mostly include an economy class return ticket to the United Kingdom, a living allowance, tuition fees, and additional grants to cover necessary/essential expenditure.  
  2.   The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission – It provides a wide range of scholarships including Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships, Master’s Scholarships, and Distance Learning Scholarships. Every academic year such scholarships are awarded to students coming from low to middle-income economic backgrounds in Commonwealth countries. Candidates are selected based on two things; previous academic standings and the potential of students to do good for their people in their home countries. Scholarships cover two-way air tickets to the UK and back, exam and tuition fees, personal maintenance allowance, an initial arrival allowance, and thesis allowance (if applicable). Currently, subjects on which the scholarship is awarded include Theoretical and Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, Agriculture & Humanities, and Social Sciences.
  3.   Gates Cambridge Scholarship – University of Cambridge is a renowned university of the world. It offers appealing schemes for international students to support their study ambitions. Gates Cambridge Scholarship is one of its schemes that allows international students to get financial support to attend a full-time postgraduate program at Cambridge University. The scholarship includes all study expenses.
  4.   Rhodes House Scholarships – Rhodes House scholarship is a very prestigious scholarship program. It is one of the oldest platforms that awards scholarships to postgraduate students who intend to study at Oxford University. 95 students are short-listed every year to receive the scholarship. Scholarships cover two economy classes tickets (one to fly to university and the other to return back home after completion of study) and tuition fees. Age limits are also set for applicants. Age limits vary among different sectors within the university.

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