Study Computer Science Abroad

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science (CS) studies have recently got attention in the modern era. It is because everything is either dependent or related to computers in this century. This gives studying computer science a very high weightage among students choosing their pathway for higher education. The computer science field has been growing continuously and has introduced many subdisciplines and it can be summarized as the study relating to computers, software, or hardware. Studying computer science degree means that you will develop technical computer skills such as designing and developing different applications, algorithms, and software.

You would have come across the terms such as Java, C, and C++ during your education. These are some of the basic computer languages used by computer scientists and you will also learn languages during your CS degree. Any system using computing technology can be linked to computer science. Computer science studies include some interrelated disciplines like artificial intelligence, networks, database systems, programming, vision and graphics, security, human-computer interaction, etc. Computer science degree draws some of its foundation from engineering and mathematics.

Why Study Computer Science?

Computer science is probably the only educational field that has grown exponentially in the 21st century. The foundation of all the technology of the modern world has been developed by using computer science platforms. Living in the digital world, almost all industries rely on computers, data, and software. Technology has made our lives easier and better. Computer science and information technology play a vital role and have an impact on almost everything, examples include transport, health development, research, banking, etc.

Technical skills acquired during a computer science degree are useful in almost every aspect of life. You will learn many programming languages and develop skills to code various websites. You will go through various IT and coding courses to sharpen your IT skills. Many of the electronic objects of our daily life such as cell phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, etc. are using computer software, hardware, or both. A bachelors in computer science equips you with the tools to utilize your education for the optimization of such objects.

Why Study Computer Science Abroad?

A professional computer science degree from one of the top CS universities is extremely beneficial. Although we do have some respectable higher education institutions of computer science in Pakistan, a BS computer science degree from international top CS universities carries a lot more weightage in terms of employability. Students who study computer science abroad have a wide of career options upon graduation like Management Trainee Officer (MTO) programs for multi-national companies and other entry-level positions such as front end developer, data analyst, etc.

Foreign universities’ grading and evaluation criteria are also different from local universities. They emphasize more on assignments and projects rather than written examinations. This is because assignments and projects directly utilize the knowledge gained during the coursework. Study abroad CS means that students will have a variety of options for bachelor’s and master’s programs. Employers often prefer foreign students as they can adapt to a new and challenging environment. Furthermore, students in their final year are also offered placement positions by some universities. Students availing this option will be working directly with an organization and will gain field experience before graduation. Most organizations require prior work experience in a relevant field for hiring employees. So, placement is extremely beneficial as even fresh graduates will have some professional work experience after graduation.

Entry Requirement of Computer Science Degree?

If you are interested in a bachelor’s degree in computer science, prerequisites are quite simple. You do not need to show previous education in related computer science subjects. You either need to complete your intermediate exams or any four subjects of A levels to qualify for a bachelor’s program. Admissions in master’s degree programs are slightly different as each program carries slightly different entry requirements. Nonetheless, a bachelor’s degree in computer science can guarantee admission in almost any master’s program.

If you are still wondering about your eligibility or are uncertain about a specific bachelor’s or master’s program, you can visit any one of our offices nearest to your location for complete guidance regarding CS degree. We will provide guidance regarding the application for a CS degree.

Prospects of Computer Science Graduates:

After completing your degree in computer science, you will have the skill set to work with any local or international firm. There are a variety of fields available for the graduates of computer science as they are well equipped with all the technical and non-technical skills required for job completion. Students who study computer science abroad from top cs universities can choose any field such as data sciences, web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development, etc.

Many students studying in European countries face a language barrier and encounter certain challenges during the job hunt as the companies prefer someone who can speak their local language. Luckily for computer science graduates, this is not the case. Language is never a requirement for a CS graduate as and this greatly increases their chances of settlement in a foreign country.

Students who are interested in research and development can also go for a Doctorate to specialize in a certain domain. PhD is a research-based degree, and many foreign universities provide funding for such projects. Students interested in a PhD can write a research proposal in a domain of their interest and propose it to universities. If it is a well-written proposal, almost any university will approve funding for such a project, and you will have the opportunity to complete your PhD with a fully-funded scholarship.

Why Choose FES Higher Education Consultants:

FES Higher Education Consultants started in 2003 and has currently six branches in Pakistan. We have further expanded our offices to UK, UAE, and Malaysia and aim to provide the best education consultancy to our students. With over 18 years of field experience, we have direct contacts with the best universities in the UK, USA, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

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